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Junior High Mission Trip 2018 – Day 6

Junior High Mission Trip 2018 – Day 5

Junior High Mission Trip 2018 – Day 4

We are going to experiment with a video blog instead of the written blog . . .

Junior High Mission Trip 2018 – Day 3

36872614_878139255735_7761769656431411200_nAs told by Tanner Vickers

Today we had a really good start to the mission trip. I was part of a work group that helped work on 2 houses for families in need. The family that lived at the first home had two sons and a daughter.  We were setting up a shelf and a rail so the boys could hang their clothes up instead of having them in a little plastic box.  Another thing we helped do was set up a little shelf for their pots and pans since they where in a corner stacked on top of each other. At the other home there was a Mom, grandfather and two boys.  We painted the outside of their house and I helped put insulation in a room that had no insulation and was very hot.  The walls had nails and bits of wood poking out everywhere so that made me feel really good to help out in any way I could. Seeing family’s like this makes me feel very lucky to have what I have.  I really think today was a good start.

unnamedAs told by Ashley Yost

Today on the mission trip, we started off the day with a delicious breakfast. Mmm, bagels, fruits, and cereal. Then, we did our first full day of VBS for these lovely kids.  I have always loved kids, but this trip has shown me even more about them. The inner sillies they have.  After that, we all headed to Main Event for some games and pizza. Chick-fil-a was the end to our busy day followed by share time in family groups. I LOVE THE JHMT 2018!!!

Junior High Mission Trip 2018 – Day 2

36843932_10216812879260938_1415451865906151424_nAs told by Drew Boyd

Today was Sunday so we woke up had some breakfast and then headed out to AllHeart Church.  When we arrived they had a few games set up to earn tickets. So after doing that for a little bit we went in for the service. The service was so good, the music, and the preaching was amazing as usual. After the service we had an amazing lunch of PB&J sandwiches.  We went and set up our rooms, all of them look amazing for the kids tomorrow. Once we finished up our rooms, we split into groups and went and canvassed. We all went around the neighborhood and told people all about VBS and our Peter Piper Pizza get together.  Right after we finished canvasing we went to Peter Piper Pizza and went around signing up people, eating pizza, and playing arcade games. Brett said we signed up about 50 kids at Peter Piper Pizza and said that some other people said they would  be coming so that’s pretty good. Then we came back had share time and small groups then went to bed for a long first day of VBS tomorrow.

unnamedAs told by Anna Maier

Today, on the Junior High Mission Trip we went to church at AllHeart Church and went to the worship service.  After the message and the worship music, we all went to go decorate our VBS rooms for the VBS that we are leading tomorrow.  Next, we went canvassing which is when we would go door to door, in the heat, passing out fliers for the upcoming VBS. After canvassing we went to gas stations to get drinks and snacks after being in the heat for an hour and a half.  After the stop, we headed to Peter Piper’s Pizza.   Yes, it’s a tongue twister.  We went to go help with sign-ups and we met some of the kids that will be attending the VBS and played arcade games with kids. I got to meet a lot of people. We gave out free pizza, drinks, and arcade tokens to the kids who signed up. The kids were able to meet friends and have fun. That was our day today, on the Junior High Mission Trip


Junior High Mission Trip 2018 – Day 1

vanAnd we’re off! The Junior High Mission Trip team is on the road and ready to go! Although, We have a few troubles along the way, like the “butterflocalypse” (migrating butterflies, which fogged our driver’s windows), we are still joyful and ready to serve. We parked and split up to eat dinner at multiple restaurants. As we arrived, we unloaded and unpacked at Melody Lane. We gathered, met up with our family groups, and then took a shower to prepare ourselves for the days ahead.