Mission Arlington 2018 – Day 3

35123465_10216591460645611_6203231779692740608_nAs told by Avery Hill

Today was my second day doing the work crew for Mission Arlington. So far this experience has been life changing. This morning, we were led to a big room with no air conditioning and boxes of diapers stacked to the ceiling. I’m not kidding – there were thousands of boxes of diapers. We were told to organize all of them by size and make it easy to access each size. This made me realize that the people getting these diapers are not able to afford a pack from the store. Buying something this simple for me is something that I don’t even have to think about. After this, Mission Arlington had a ton of donations of flavored water and popcorn. We were told to go out and deliver this stuff to assigned neighborhoods. One of the neighborhoods that we went to was a trailer park. It was really sad to see the tiny little trailers that people live in. The people we delivered to were so happy to receive a pack of flavored water and a box of popcorn. It was really cool to see their huge smiles when we showed up at their door. I know that God has put me in the work crew for a reason and I can’t wait to see what I will experience the rest of the week!

35225457_10216591454045446_7139246363425898496_nAs told by Colleen Dundas

Today was our second day of leading the Rainbow Express VBS. Even over just two days this trip, like always, has been a humbling experience. Every morning that we’ve been here the kids have shown up on time and even early and they are so eager to start our activities for the day. Seeing where and how these kids live is truly awe inspiring. They all seem to know each other because of how tightly knit the community is here. These children find something we’d take for granted, like $0.99 bubbles, to be the coolest thing they’ve ever seen. Watching then reminds me of something we talked about a few months ago at Collide Impact Weekend. We had a speaker from an organization called Field of Dreams Uganda. That organization helps fund schools and soccer teams in Uganda. Someone asked the speaker, “Would you ever bring the kids home with you to give them a better life?”  She replied “No.” Her reasoning was this… She won’t take the kids out because they know joy. Not the “joy” we experience when we get an iPad for Christmas. I’m talking about true immense joy. A type of  joy that comes from the smallest, realest things. The type of joy I have see in the VBS kids this week. This pure joy is so amazing to witness it is undeniably a thing from God.  I can’t wait to see what else God has planned for us this week. Thanks for reading

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