Mission Arlington 2018 – Day 2

1As told by Raegan Butler

My group visited two different apartment buildings and set up a free VBS where kids of any ages can come play games, make crafts, sing songs, and hear story’s from the Bible. At each apartment, we invited kids to join us. Most of the kids were so thrilled about joining us! We had some kids who didn’t want to participate in activities, but we did our best to get them to open up and have fun. FBG brought over extra t-shirts from collide events to give to the children at VBS . The kids were overjoyed about getting new shirts. They each grabbed 3-5 shirts for them and their families. It is so impacting seeing kids so excited about getting something we take for granted everyday. Today was truly amazing and I can’t wait for the rest of the week.

3As told by Roxy Odiorne

Day 2 has come to an end, and we are both weary and joyful after a successful day serving the community of Arlington! We started the day by heading to Mission Arlington headquarters for our morning devotional time. There, we grouped with churches from across the country to worship and engage in Bible study. It came as a surprise to me to see churches from Arkansas, Missouri, and other places around the U.S., but it was really amazing to see just how great the outreach Mission Arlington has. After worship, we gathered our supplies and set out for our projects. As I am on one of the VBS teams, we were off to an apartment complex. When we arrived, we had to walk all around the complex, knocking on doors to ask kids to come. The group of kids we gathered was small, with only 5 who decided to come. Nevertheless, we launched into our array of games, songs, puppets, and Bible stories to love on these 5 kids and share the Gospel in doing so. Though it was chaotic, the morning was successful, and all the kids enjoyed themselves and promised to come back tomorrow! After taking the kids back home, we collected our things and set off for lunch. After eating, we had another afternoon devotional at Mission Arlington full of worship, and set off for round 2 at a new complex. Our group was feeling a bit discouraged at the smallness of the size of our group in the first VBS, and said a prayer for more children in the next. Well, God answered in abundance-we had 60 children in our second! While the mass crowd was full of chaos, it was great to share laughter and the Lord with so many littles, and so awe-inspiring to see the way our great God answers so faithfully. Several memories were made and meaningful conversations were held, and we are expecting just as big a crowd (if not bigger tomorrow)! Exhausted and dehydrated, we made a Sonic run after ending the VBS to cool off. What made an ordinary trip really extraordinary was a girl named Asian who I talked with while waiting for our orders. It was really cool to chat with her, but even more to share why we were here and my faith with her. It was a special moment the Lord placed in my day. From there we headed to dinner, where everybody split up between a multitude of restaurants before coming back to the church for share time, meetings, and free time before bed. Day 2 has been exhausting and hot, but utterly so fulfilling and full of the Lord’s presence. Bring on Day 3!!!

2As told by Katryna Patterson

Today was awesome! We did some amazing work here in Arlington and I can’t wait to see what the week holds! I am a part of the work group, and one of the few girls who decided to do it. Going into it I was really nervous that they would put us girls on an “easy” job that wouldn’t take much effort on our part. We girls started by sorting through a clothes closet there on site at Mission Arlington and through hearing the conversations of the people there, I learned that many of them had traveled from a good deal away to get these clothes; whether they were taking public transportation, driving, or walking they made it an effort to come and get these used items that (in my opinion) weren’t the greatest quality. It made me realize how blessed I am to have name brand clothes and new items in my closet. As the day progressed, we were moved back with the boys who had been moving furniture. We traveled all around the Metroplex area and met people who were donating their furniture. I was elated when I saw their reactions to teens coming out and spending a week serving. It shocked me that although it seems second nature to us in Georgetown to serve, the adults we encountered saw it as an anomaly. We spent the remainder of our day organizing and moving furniture and toys, and then came back to the church for a cleanup time. We then went and got some food and I was able to see my parents and tell them about my day. I cannot wait for all that we have in store for this week. Please be praying for safe travels and good health for this week!

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