Mission, Texas – July 11, 2017

19884140_805513144045_6113434814149713360_nAs told by Blair Ferguson

Today in the 3rd and 4th grade room, we had about 17 kids come, which was more than yesterday. We started out by having them play the game Ships and Sailors, which was where we taught the kids some simple motions, and whenever we said certain words and phrases, they repeated the movements. It was by far their favorite thing of the day – and so far, the week – and asked us the rest of the day if we could play again. I played with a young girl named Kayla, whom I’d met the day before, and she continued to open up to me about her family and relationships. We spent most of the day together, even in Rec and Music.

During the craft, Kayla began talking more and more, and it felt so great to know that she trusted me enough to share with me these things. In Rec, she always wanted to be by me and play the games with me, and tetherball always got her to laugh and smile. It just so happened I had to go in early to help with serving lunch, and when I told Kayla, she spent the rest of her Rec time begging to go with me. It showed me that she really loved me and didn’t want to be without me, and that was the kind of relationship I’d been hoping for.

At lunch, her face brightened  when she saw me, and she didn’t eat until I’d sat down with my own food. When music time came along, she got all into the motions, and although she didn’t sing, it was obvious she was having a great time dancing with me. The puppets were her favorite thing – she laughed at everything they said, and during some of the songs, she’d ask, “When are the puppets going to come out?”

When it came time to leave, she looked up and me and said, “You’re going to come  back tomorrow.” It wasn’t a question; it was a statement. She wanted me to come back tomorrow because she wanted to see me, to play with me, and to dance with me. It made my day to know that I’d established a relationship with her so strongly that she dreaded leaving and pretty much made me come back the next day. It’s been the most amazing thing about the trip so far, and I can never wait to see her again the next day.

I also was given the opportunity to share my testimony with Kayla. We were walking back to the classroom from a trip to wash our hands, and I asked her if she knew how to get to heaven. Her first response was “When people die, they go to Heaven,” and I started to explain to her that accepting Christ as our Lord and Savior was the way into Heaven, she made no response and kept walking. I tried again a couple other times, but she just changed the subject. I was a bit disappointed at first, but I realize now that she just wasn’t ready to accept Him yet, and I had to respect that. I’ll keep trying tomorrow and the day after, and hopefully God will open her heart to hear his good news and that He’ll use me to guide her and help her start her relationship with Him.

19959182_805592320375_7406953578346469383_nAs told by Colleen Dundas

Today was our second day of VBS. We have had a great group of kids all week and I really feel like they have learned a lot, in only two days. This week I have seen the kids running, jumping, playing, and learning about Jesus. Today we taught about Noah’s ark in third and fourth grade.  At the end of our Bible story we asked the question “What would you do if God asked you to do a really big job?”  At first we got pretty basic answers and like, “I would say yes!” And then one student raised his hand and had an amazing answer. He said “I would say yes because God has done a lot for me. He saved my family and he saved me from my sin, so I owe him this.” I was astounded by that answer and it hit me, wow, this kid really gets this. After a fun day of VBS we went to Gabe’s house for THE BEST FOOD EVER!!!! We ate and swam and had really good talks about the VBS. I really enjoyed hearing the stories about other groups and how God was moving in their lives this week. Overall VBS has been so wonderful and I am thankful for this experience.

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