Mission, Texas – July 10, 2017

19884099_10213698193275735_7063923277265833011_nAs told by Drew Boyd

So today was our first very successful day of Vacation Bible School! We had 73 kids registered today and we talked about Jesus , ate snacks, played games , and got to know the kids.  I am in recreation and we played a lot of games with the kids like dodgeball, soccer, bubbles, chalk, and many more fun games with the kids.  When all the kids left we had a dodgeball tournament and the 8th grade beat everybody. When we finished we all headed to Main Event to bowl, eat, play laser tag, and play games.  It was nice to chill and reflect back on our day.  So all in all it was a really successful first day at Vacation Bible School and we will probably reach 90 kids by tomorrow!

19894755_10213703303123478_2928435120865337983_nAs told by AnnMarie Walling

“Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were the Lord, not people.” (Ephesians 6:7) Why is it so much easier to serve someone better than you; they aren’t the ones in need of it. Why is it so much easier to serve the Lord rather than people you see with your own eyes, people you feel with your own hands. It can’t be because those people serve you, otherwise us kids would be living to serve our parents.

This week, even just one day into it, has been so special and enlightening because we all found the drive to serve everyone one around us, treating them like children of God, not children of the Earth as we all often do. Today, while many of us were building relationships with the kids and singing in the air conditioned gym, a few out of the middle school youth were drafted to paint a house in the heat of the day without breaking. Want to hear the most amazing part of that? Those drafted kids were excited to paint for hours in the heat of the day! On a good day we would all roll out of bed, grunting to do that work, for pay. That’s the power of enthusiasm when we accept the GIFT of service from Christ, that’s the power of a community wanting to serve. Even more, that’s the power of perspective when you realize service is a gift, not an obligation. God’s purpose for us isn’t to make bright area’s brighter, it’s to illuminate the darkness with the heart of Christ and service that glows in us, if we allow it to. We were all reminded of that important lesson in the service on Sunday, and I’ve allowed it to illuminate my time here, and any darkness inside of me felt so powerless because of it.

I was in charge of the lesson today for my group (6th – 8th grade kids). We talked about how God loves you because He created you. Then I explained the formation sin, and then salvation. Adam and Eve brought sin into the world, but we keep it in the world. That’s what God put on my heart to share to these youth and it humbled me so much. But what humbled me even more was when a certain kid in my group shared with me that they have had struggles with blaming sin on Adam and Eve and even other people in their life, and that what I had said cleared them of a lot of anger. They told me thank you and that my words really impacted their life, and I said if they liked my words they should start talking to God more, because I give all the credit for those words to God. That moment in my life blew to pieces the darkness inside me, and showed me that service is a gift that actually reaps rewards; double threat. And it inspired me to continue with passion for the day and week. I hope that we all come home and remember these hearts of ours right now, as they are hearts of God, so that we may plant, water, or harvest a seed in the kingdom of God. It’s crazy how much you can learn from teaching others, and how much you can gain from giving a piece of you. Remember that; hold it tightly to your heart like God holds us tightly to his, it means more than words can express. It’s easy to know these things on a level that doesn’t challenge you, but you can’t comprehend them until you put them to the test in your own life, and you should, everyday.

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