Mission, Texas – July 9, 2017

19554658_805149283225_5176073873522319380_nAs told by Macon Boyce

So today we went to PBC Mission and the service was really good.  I really liked the worship, and Pastor Eli talked about how it was “a church for everyone” and I thought that was really cool. They showed us the video from 2016 of FBG and PBC painting and making this huge Shopkins world for a girl named Kaitlyn that had cancer.  When they brought her name up I immediately remembered last year when Eli told us about Kaitlyn and her condition, but Brett got emotional again this year.  We also canvassed today (and it was so hot), but when we got done we went to the Stripes gas station and got slushies.  It felt like a little piece of Heaven. This year we didn’t do the party in the parking lot, but we did a block party in the park.  We had hot dogs, played Ultimate Frisbee, and lots of other stuff.  I got to see a few kids that I was with last year and it was really cool to see how they grew.  It was really cool that they remembered me. Well that’s it for my blog, but if you’re wondering it is 10:27pm and Brett and I are fighting about which Oreos are better: mega stuff or thin . . .  and just by the way thin Oreos are the best.

19959176_805066169785_8687970897187472_nAs told by Anderson Inman

So today we woke up and got ready for church.  We get the opportunity to worship at the same church that we get to help serve at.   We worship at Primera Baptist church and the pastor, Eli, preached about what they stand for as a church.  Their motto is “a church for everyone”.  What this means is it’s a church for Christians and saved people, but just equally as important it’s for sinners.  He talked about the history of the church (it’s 97 years old) and how they started out in a little house and slowly grew.  Eli talked about this point in the churches history were they became “comfortable”.  They stopped being a church for everyone and became a church for Christians.  Eli said that, as Christians, we are the light and sinners are the darkness.  He said there came a time were the light grew afraid of the darkness.  They were having a church service for Christians only.  They were trying to cram as much light into a room as they could and there was not enough room for the darkness to even get shown the light.  So he felt that God was calling him to move his church into a location where they could go out into the community and be the hands and feet of God to people who don’t know about him.  Overall the church service was GREAT!  The music was awesome and the message (by Eli the pastor) was outstanding!  They showed a video during the service of a girl named Kaitlyn who was battling cancer.  Last year we helped convert the gym into a HUGE Shopkins party.  Kaitlyn passed away this year, but she got to experience what we thought was a little mini-Heaven on earth party before she got to go home.  It was so cool to see how happy she was in the video!  After the church service we went out and canvassed  the neighborhoods (which is passing out flyers telling the community about our VBS which is going to be AWESOME)!  Right after out canvassing we did this giant block-party were Nate, Lance, and I grilled about 250 hotdogs, while everyone else was playing football and Frisbee with the neighborhood kids. We all had a great time and are REALLY excited to get to have the opportunity to share the gospel with kids who may not know about God.  If you are reading this and you are not down in Mission with us, your prayers are always wanted!

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  1. You guys are heroes in The Faith. Thanks for keeping us updated; we will continue to Pray for soft Hearts all around, that Seeds of Faithare planted and received, and for Heavenly guidance and protection over all involved. Blessings in JESUS.

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