March 12, 2017 – Tracy, California

17309376_780814390545_4597772894430981588_nAs told by Kylee Downs: Today started early.  We woke up at 5am to get our bags loaded to prepare for church.  We finished early so we went to IHOP where Brett bought us a yummy breakfast.  We came back to Southwinds church and had a great worship service.  As soon as it was over, we loaded up in the vans and were on our way to San Francisco.  The drive was beautiful as we made the hour long trip.  It was full of greenery and hills everywhere.  When we arrived we were released to eat lunch and explore for an hour before we had to meet up for Alcatraz.  We boarded the boat and were on our way to what they referred to as “The Rock.”  We took the audio tour which took us through the main prison.  It was really interesting to get to hear prisoners share information about Alcatraz and how things used to be.  After the tour we went back to the main land and were given 2 hours of free time.  I started out walking up what seemed like never ending hills along with 5 others to get to Lombard Street.  When we arrived, we decided to walk to the top of the stairs and view it from the top.  It was defiantly worth it because it showed the bay and all the buildings from a top view.  My crew and I then headed to Ghirardelli’s Square.  We waited in line and got a really yummy shake.  With time limited, we ran back to our meeting spot.  As a group we decided to head back to Tracy and eat dinner there.  We met at Home Depot and split up into groups to eat dinner.  When we got back to Southwinds we had share time.  Elise said something that I agreed with.  It was how San Francisco’s culture was so different than Georgetown’s.  The world is farther from God than we realize.  I am grateful to be a part of a youth ministry that is making a difference in the world and sharing God’s love to everyone.  I ask for your prayers as we head into the last 3 work days that we make an impact and continue to work hard in all our actions.

17309737_10155842787448475_6277964044107468746_nAs told by Tara Drummond: This morning we got up early, packed up our stuff and headed over to IHOP at about 6:30.  We were all dragging our feet a little bit until we had pancake-filled bellies.  After breakfast, the team and I headed back over to the church for the 8:00 service.  There, we worshipped and listened to a sermon about marriage, which really wasn’t relevant to us kids, but the pastor told of a story about a swimmer that almost swam completely across a foggy ocean but gave up because of exhaustion.  In the story, once the swimmer got out of the ocean she sadly saw that if she just swam a little further, then she would’ve made it.  The pastor used that story to illustrate how that if we just trust in the Lord, and then he will get us through the fog.  After the service, the group loaded up and made the beautiful drive to San Francisco.  Once we got there, we ate and shopped at Fisherman’s Wharf.  Then we went to Alcatraz.  There, we walked around with an audio tour around the cell blocks and it was so cool to see a place where a significant part of history happened.  Back at Fisherman’s Wharf, we shopped, watched street performers, ate dinner, bought chocolate at the Ghiradeli Chocolate Factory, and walked around the cool city.  Afterwards, we headed back to Tracy, ate a yummy dinner at Panera, then went back to the church where we unloaded and had share time.  Today was fun especially because we got a break from working and got to see a popular part of California.  Although I’m happy that we had today, I’m pumped to get back to work tomorrow and start to finish what we came here to do.

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