Junior High Mission Trip 2016: Day 6

pic 1As told by Preston York

The last day of VBS was today all the junior high leaders are trying to find the last bit of energy that they have left in them to serve the Lord and make sure that these kids learn about Jesus and what he has done in our lives. None of this would be possible without the help of Agape, the school that we are currently using for our VBS, allowing us to use their school was extremely kind and none of this would have been possible without their help. This is my third year to go on this mission trip. I went in fifth grade because my mom and my sister were going so I could go to, then I went my sixth grade year and this year is my seventh grade year.  What has amazed me every time I have gone, is how much the kids remember you which really shows how big of a difference you make in these kid’s lives. If you help bring a kid to Jesus they will never forget.  Jesus will be a part of their life forever and I think sometimes we lose sight of the fact that, that’s why we’re here, we get caught up in the fun of going to Main Event, the movies, Gabe’s house and Schlitterban that we forget to tell the kids about why they are alive and free because Jesus Christ sacrificed himself and died on the cross for our sins and we have been saved. I love this mission trip and I can’t wait to come back again next year.

Pic 2As told by Hadlee Gilliland

Today was the last day of VBS and this week the junior high students have been working very hard to spread the word of the Lord. I will admit we all are much drained of energy and sleep but that hasn’t stopped anyone from dedicating their hearts and everything they have to these sweet, yet loud kids.  I want to thank Agape Christian School for giving us the opportunity to teach Gods word to the kids this week. I also want to thank Melody Lane Retreat Center for letting us stay there this week. This year was my first year and I am very surprised and very thankful for new friends and the children I met this week.  I also want to thank our leaders this week. They have taken time out of their summer to drive 7 hours with junior high students and help guide us this week.  We also did some fun things like the movies, Main Event, Gabe’s house, and Schlitterbahn. I don’t want to leave! Let me stay!!  PLEASE!!  I cannot wait to come back next year. I will definitely miss it.




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