Junior High Mission Trip 2016: Day 5

pic 1As told by London Kjos

Today was our last full day here in Mission, Texas. This was one of the best days to me because it was water day, and seeing the smiles on my 1st and 2nd graders faces was priceless! Today I had to hang out with a kid named Ian that speaks mostly Spanish and that has a special need, and he is just the sweetest little boy when he’s not acting up. The thing that really made my day was seeing how happy Ian was during the water time, because he never is that smiley and happy. Hanging out with Ian made me realize how lucky and blessed I am and that I can be confident in sharing the Lords word. When I did get to hang out with the other kids, they seemed like they didn’t want VBS to end. They had the best time and so did I! I got to share the word and love of god today with a bunch of friends/students! We didn’t really know if we were going to go to Schlitterbahn today but that didn’t matter to me or any of my friends, because we think sharing the love of god is more important than any waterpark that we can go to any other time. When we were on the way to Schlitterbahn people were playing music in the front of the shuttle and we jammed out to it! I hung out with Carrington, Annmarie, Hadlee, Jordyn, and Grace at Schlitterbahn. They were a really fun group for the day! We met some more people at Schlitterbahn and we had fun with them, but then we got separated on a water slide!! To conclude I am pretty sure that I accomplished my hopes for this mission trip, and I’m really excited to come again!

pic 2As told by Grace Newman

Today was our last full day! It was exciting and sad all in one! We had water day at VBS and afterwards we got to go to Schlitterbahn! I have Pre-K and Kindergarten so the look on their face was fabulous when they got to play in the water! When all the kids went home we hurried to the vans for our hour and a half car ride to Schlitterbahn! On the van we were so bored we jammed out to our childhood favorites so loud that I lost my voice. It was so amazing to get to love God and love people but still have a great time. When we got to Schlitterbahn I saw so many faces that made me think of my absolute favorite Pre-K class! Schlitterbahn was a great experience to share love with people we didn’t know, but also have lots of fun.  I was hanging out with London, Hadlee, Carrington, Jordyn, and Annemarie. While we were floating down the lazy river we met some people and had fun hanging out with them, they were really nice! After a while of floating down the lazy river we went back to get some food and saw some of the guys sitting at a table, we talked to them for a few minutes, then got food. The lady at the counter in the restaurant had a really straight face and you couldn’t tell if she was happy, mad, sad, or anything, it was so funny. She ended up forgetting three of our orders. When we were leaving Schlitterbahn there was a couple of girls that had salt rash, so it was pretty amusing to watch them walk to the car. Overall, I’d have to say this was by far the best day ever! However, right now a shower sounds really nice;)!

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