Junior High Mission Trip 2016: Day 4

pic 1As told by Anderson Inman

Today we started the day off with cleaning and setting up our fifth and sixth grade room. After we had gotten everything ready the kids slowly started coming in. Today drop off went a lot smoother because the kids felt more at home. After the intro game, we did our Bible story (which the kids hung on every word our speaker said.) During the craft we made prayer journals and when I was finished with mine I asked the kids if they had anything they wanted me to pray for, and I had four or five kids come up and tell me their prayer requests. After I had finished writing all of them down I had one little girl come up to me and thank me for listening and praying for her grandfather. She told me that it really meant a lot to her that I was going to pray for her family. And during worship on Monday some of the sixth grade guys really didn’t want to get up and sing and dance, but today all of them were up and dancing! Then after VBS was done we went to a movie (The Secret Life of Pets) before we went to Gabe’s house to eat. At Gabe’s house we all had fun playing sports, swimming, and fellowshipping with friends!

pic 2As told by Annmarie Walling

I’m sure that you all have heard about how we have to wake up at the crack of dawn each morning, shove our cinnamon rolls into our mouths, and stomp onto the buses like zombies. And of course that we all stress about “Who will I sit with today?!” It’s a regular/irregular day for teenagers, as I’m sure you all know. But I know that you all want to get into the details of our emotional and spiritual experiences. I heed your desires and am here to fulfill them.
The first day was hard for a lot of people because of their fears. But today, I witnessed the Lord working in all of our lives. I could tell that He brought everyone the sense of security and comfort that so many of us desperately needed so that we could pour into the kids in the way we all desired. God brings us that sense of comfort everyday. He brings us the comfort and strength to carry our troubles to the cross, to the Lord, and to let Him break down the walls that fear builds up.
I have Pre-K and Kindergarden as my grade. Most would say that it’s an exhausting grade; one that calls for constant attention, but I see it from a view that God has blessed me with. When I get to hang out with the three and four year olds, all I feel is blessed. They carry a sense of purity with them that is so rare to find in a teenage or adult environment. That sense of purity makes it so easy to love them all, because it’s that purity that makes them love so close to unconditionally. When they get hurt, they may cry, but they don’t hang onto their anger for the person that hurt them. In fact, they love that person. The children that we all get to share experiences with may even be teaching us more than we teach them, and they don’t even know it. They carry a “childlike” joy with them, but really, it’s just a Godlike joy. I am unexplainably thankful to the kids that have the utter audacity to show us how to love without them knowing. It’s simply, refreshing and amazing.
A very signifiant story stood out to me today: A little girl was being pushed on the swings by one of my fellow group members. That little girl took the time to recognize that a little boy had been waiting a while to be on the swings, and that he was getting discouraged because he wasn’t getting his chance. However, she didn’t recognize the boy and then ignore his feelings just like we all cowardly do so often, but she jumped off the swing and said to the little boy “You can go on this swing.” Then, as she was walking away she told my group member that she gave the boy her swing because christ calls us to share. She didn’t only recognize the boy or give up the swing. She took it a step farther to explain that Christ called her to share. She took that extra step that, we as Christians are called to take everyday. If you can’t see how so utterly amazing this is, then I will ask that little girl to pray for you.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Parents: we are all staying safe and having fun! I’m wrapping up this blog along with my day. Goodnight 🙂
Prayer Requests:
Robin’s burn on her stomach to heal
For Ian to come back to 1st and 2nd grade
Josiah  – health  and that he will eat
Little boy in Pre-K whose uncle recently committed suicide
Water Day goes well at rec
That we bring our A++++++ game
Mariah has leukemia
No one gets hurt
Children listen and are kind
Kaitlyn – young girl with cancer
Kids who weren’t here today will be back tomorrow
No thunderstorms

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