Junior High Mission Trip 2016: Day 2

Day 2 pic 1As told by Macon Boyce:

Today was probably one of the hardest days in junior high mission trip history. We canvassed for what felt like for years, but it was all worth it at the end to see all the kids at Party In The Parking Lot that were excited to go to VBS this week. I worked the bouncy house with Rachel, Ava, and Carrington which was really fun except it was really hot and it felt you were going to drown in your own sweat, but it was really fun playing with the kids and talking to them. Before all of that we went to the church service PIB Mission had and it was really good. They showed us the video from last year of the high school kids working on Victoria’s room.  Victoria is a girl that had leukemia and she really wanted a new room.  Just seeing the before and after was amazing cause I didn’t get to see it last year cause I wasn’t serving there. It made me cry just seeing how happy she was and her room looked amazing, then I looked over to Brett and he was just a hot mess and you really know there is an impact when you look over and you see a grown man crying. I can’t wait to see the kids tomorrow and get to talk to them and know them.

Day 2 pic 2As told by Tucker Case:

Today wasn’t an easy day for our youth ministry. It was supposed to be hard in the first place with canvassing in the hot sun for an hour and a half. We had the most trouble when we started Party In The Parking Lot. We didn’t get half as many kids to come as we have in the past, and that was a problem because we couldn’t form as many bonds as we could if there were more of them.  Brett talked tonight and he said God doesn’t care if there are a hundred kids there because what matters is that we love them and help them to strengthen their bond with Jesus Christ. At the start of today I was worried that there wouldn’t be as many kids as there would normally be. Now I rest assured that it will be okay if I have twenty kids or five. We went to church today and in the sermon the pastor talked about a girl named Kaitlyn, she has cancer and the doctors say there is nothing they can do for her. I feel that the only way she can be healed is through Jesus. We will be praying for her and others with cancer throughout this week and we hope you will too. I also pray for kids to come to VBS tomorrow so their hearts can be touched and molded by god. All in all the day still came out great with seeing kids with smiles on their faces at party in the parking lot and having a good time making them happy I hope we can achieve that and more tomorrow!

Prayer Requests:

Brandi Roppolo’s knee

Kaitlyn – young girl from Mission with cancer

Kids to come to VBS tomorrow

For the Holy Spirit to move through us

Energy for tomorrow

Victoria – young girl from last year with cancer

Axel – young man from last year with cancer

Andrew Anderson flying home from Ireland tomorrow

Colleen Dundas not feeling well


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