Junior High Mission Trip 2016 – Day 1

JH MissionAs told by Jessica Roppolo

Today is my 13th birthday, and you only turn 13 once. Just thinking about spending the day traveling in the church van to Mission, Texas, exhausted me. My mom, Brandi Roppolo, came with me to this mission trip. She surprised me after the extremely long car trip, where my best friends kept me entertained all of the 6 hours, by buying cupcakes for the whole group. Everyone sang, “Happy Birthday” to me. Today was long and tiring day and tonight made me realize how much I love my mom.  A question came up today that asked, “Who is the person that influence you most?” I knew that what my mom did for me tonight, that she was the person I look up to. She would do anything to make me feel happy and is very nice and kind to others. It’s my hope that our youth group is nice and kind and shows Jesus to people this week.

Prayer Requests:

Jack – fever

Justin – Uncle having some legal

Tyler B – Dad out of town for work and mom not feeling well

Safety and health on our trip

Bo-Rec team to go smoothly


Trey-The Lord would give us wisdom and the words to say to kids and adults

Jessica-Kids will attend VBS & we will do our best

Anderson-For God to use us as salt & light to speak to the kids

No rain and to be open to what the Lord wants to do on this trip.

Pray for Mrs. Inman’s eye that is swollen

Keep perspective for why we are here and not get distracted

Be the light of Christ for the kids here

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