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Junior High Mission Trip 2016: Day 6

pic 1As told by Preston York

The last day of VBS was today all the junior high leaders are trying to find the last bit of energy that they have left in them to serve the Lord and make sure that these kids learn about Jesus and what he has done in our lives. None of this would be possible without the help of Agape, the school that we are currently using for our VBS, allowing us to use their school was extremely kind and none of this would have been possible without their help. This is my third year to go on this mission trip. I went in fifth grade because my mom and my sister were going so I could go to, then I went my sixth grade year and this year is my seventh grade year.  What has amazed me every time I have gone, is how much the kids remember you which really shows how big of a difference you make in these kid’s lives. If you help bring a kid to Jesus they will never forget.  Jesus will be a part of their life forever and I think sometimes we lose sight of the fact that, that’s why we’re here, we get caught up in the fun of going to Main Event, the movies, Gabe’s house and Schlitterban that we forget to tell the kids about why they are alive and free because Jesus Christ sacrificed himself and died on the cross for our sins and we have been saved. I love this mission trip and I can’t wait to come back again next year.

Pic 2As told by Hadlee Gilliland

Today was the last day of VBS and this week the junior high students have been working very hard to spread the word of the Lord. I will admit we all are much drained of energy and sleep but that hasn’t stopped anyone from dedicating their hearts and everything they have to these sweet, yet loud kids.  I want to thank Agape Christian School for giving us the opportunity to teach Gods word to the kids this week. I also want to thank Melody Lane Retreat Center for letting us stay there this week. This year was my first year and I am very surprised and very thankful for new friends and the children I met this week.  I also want to thank our leaders this week. They have taken time out of their summer to drive 7 hours with junior high students and help guide us this week.  We also did some fun things like the movies, Main Event, Gabe’s house, and Schlitterbahn. I don’t want to leave! Let me stay!!  PLEASE!!  I cannot wait to come back next year. I will definitely miss it.




Junior High Mission Trip 2016: Day 5

pic 1As told by London Kjos

Today was our last full day here in Mission, Texas. This was one of the best days to me because it was water day, and seeing the smiles on my 1st and 2nd graders faces was priceless! Today I had to hang out with a kid named Ian that speaks mostly Spanish and that has a special need, and he is just the sweetest little boy when he’s not acting up. The thing that really made my day was seeing how happy Ian was during the water time, because he never is that smiley and happy. Hanging out with Ian made me realize how lucky and blessed I am and that I can be confident in sharing the Lords word. When I did get to hang out with the other kids, they seemed like they didn’t want VBS to end. They had the best time and so did I! I got to share the word and love of god today with a bunch of friends/students! We didn’t really know if we were going to go to Schlitterbahn today but that didn’t matter to me or any of my friends, because we think sharing the love of god is more important than any waterpark that we can go to any other time. When we were on the way to Schlitterbahn people were playing music in the front of the shuttle and we jammed out to it! I hung out with Carrington, Annmarie, Hadlee, Jordyn, and Grace at Schlitterbahn. They were a really fun group for the day! We met some more people at Schlitterbahn and we had fun with them, but then we got separated on a water slide!! To conclude I am pretty sure that I accomplished my hopes for this mission trip, and I’m really excited to come again!

pic 2As told by Grace Newman

Today was our last full day! It was exciting and sad all in one! We had water day at VBS and afterwards we got to go to Schlitterbahn! I have Pre-K and Kindergarten so the look on their face was fabulous when they got to play in the water! When all the kids went home we hurried to the vans for our hour and a half car ride to Schlitterbahn! On the van we were so bored we jammed out to our childhood favorites so loud that I lost my voice. It was so amazing to get to love God and love people but still have a great time. When we got to Schlitterbahn I saw so many faces that made me think of my absolute favorite Pre-K class! Schlitterbahn was a great experience to share love with people we didn’t know, but also have lots of fun.  I was hanging out with London, Hadlee, Carrington, Jordyn, and Annemarie. While we were floating down the lazy river we met some people and had fun hanging out with them, they were really nice! After a while of floating down the lazy river we went back to get some food and saw some of the guys sitting at a table, we talked to them for a few minutes, then got food. The lady at the counter in the restaurant had a really straight face and you couldn’t tell if she was happy, mad, sad, or anything, it was so funny. She ended up forgetting three of our orders. When we were leaving Schlitterbahn there was a couple of girls that had salt rash, so it was pretty amusing to watch them walk to the car. Overall, I’d have to say this was by far the best day ever! However, right now a shower sounds really nice;)!

Junior High Mission Trip 2016: Day 4

pic 1As told by Anderson Inman

Today we started the day off with cleaning and setting up our fifth and sixth grade room. After we had gotten everything ready the kids slowly started coming in. Today drop off went a lot smoother because the kids felt more at home. After the intro game, we did our Bible story (which the kids hung on every word our speaker said.) During the craft we made prayer journals and when I was finished with mine I asked the kids if they had anything they wanted me to pray for, and I had four or five kids come up and tell me their prayer requests. After I had finished writing all of them down I had one little girl come up to me and thank me for listening and praying for her grandfather. She told me that it really meant a lot to her that I was going to pray for her family. And during worship on Monday some of the sixth grade guys really didn’t want to get up and sing and dance, but today all of them were up and dancing! Then after VBS was done we went to a movie (The Secret Life of Pets) before we went to Gabe’s house to eat. At Gabe’s house we all had fun playing sports, swimming, and fellowshipping with friends!

pic 2As told by Annmarie Walling

I’m sure that you all have heard about how we have to wake up at the crack of dawn each morning, shove our cinnamon rolls into our mouths, and stomp onto the buses like zombies. And of course that we all stress about “Who will I sit with today?!” It’s a regular/irregular day for teenagers, as I’m sure you all know. But I know that you all want to get into the details of our emotional and spiritual experiences. I heed your desires and am here to fulfill them.
The first day was hard for a lot of people because of their fears. But today, I witnessed the Lord working in all of our lives. I could tell that He brought everyone the sense of security and comfort that so many of us desperately needed so that we could pour into the kids in the way we all desired. God brings us that sense of comfort everyday. He brings us the comfort and strength to carry our troubles to the cross, to the Lord, and to let Him break down the walls that fear builds up.
I have Pre-K and Kindergarden as my grade. Most would say that it’s an exhausting grade; one that calls for constant attention, but I see it from a view that God has blessed me with. When I get to hang out with the three and four year olds, all I feel is blessed. They carry a sense of purity with them that is so rare to find in a teenage or adult environment. That sense of purity makes it so easy to love them all, because it’s that purity that makes them love so close to unconditionally. When they get hurt, they may cry, but they don’t hang onto their anger for the person that hurt them. In fact, they love that person. The children that we all get to share experiences with may even be teaching us more than we teach them, and they don’t even know it. They carry a “childlike” joy with them, but really, it’s just a Godlike joy. I am unexplainably thankful to the kids that have the utter audacity to show us how to love without them knowing. It’s simply, refreshing and amazing.
A very signifiant story stood out to me today: A little girl was being pushed on the swings by one of my fellow group members. That little girl took the time to recognize that a little boy had been waiting a while to be on the swings, and that he was getting discouraged because he wasn’t getting his chance. However, she didn’t recognize the boy and then ignore his feelings just like we all cowardly do so often, but she jumped off the swing and said to the little boy “You can go on this swing.” Then, as she was walking away she told my group member that she gave the boy her swing because christ calls us to share. She didn’t only recognize the boy or give up the swing. She took it a step farther to explain that Christ called her to share. She took that extra step that, we as Christians are called to take everyday. If you can’t see how so utterly amazing this is, then I will ask that little girl to pray for you.
I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Parents: we are all staying safe and having fun! I’m wrapping up this blog along with my day. Goodnight 🙂
Prayer Requests:
Robin’s burn on her stomach to heal
For Ian to come back to 1st and 2nd grade
Josiah  – health  and that he will eat
Little boy in Pre-K whose uncle recently committed suicide
Water Day goes well at rec
That we bring our A++++++ game
Mariah has leukemia
No one gets hurt
Children listen and are kind
Kaitlyn – young girl with cancer
Kids who weren’t here today will be back tomorrow
No thunderstorms

Junior High Mission Trip: Day 3

pic 1As told by Ashlen Herrin:

Hi this is Ashlen. I’m in the 7th grade and this is my first time on the mission trip. I was assigned to REC and at first everyone had been telling me how awful Rec was, and how hot I would be, and to be honest that made me really nervous. I had prayed often about my experience and I had asked God to help me to be able to reach the kids and to be able to go out of my comfort zone to love on some other kids. God really answered my prayers today and I had a blast in Rec, I honestly think that it was my favorite part of the day. God has really shown me some of the ways that I can connect with all the kids in VBS and I now feel very prepared to take on the rest of the week.

pic 2As told by Tyler Griffin and Colton Washington:

Today was a great day for learning about Jesus.  The kids were very excited and engaged in the worship and lessons.  The connection we had with the kids was outstanding. We had a good amount of kids for each grade level.  We learned that we are God’s masterpiece. The  fifth and sixth grade class I had was having so much fun painting and learning  that we are a piece of art. The worship was an amazing experience for the kids. We jumped for joy and sang at the top of our lungs for the Lord. Recreation was great, all of the grades were engaged in the games and activities. We played red light green light, kick ball, chalk, and played on the playscape.

Prayer Requests:

Child with special needs in the 1st and 2nd grade

Kids that aren’t interested in participating would join in

For no one to get discouraged and keep the energy up

That the kids will all take something away from the week

Clouds for the Rec Team

The Holy Spirit to guide what we say

Boy in 1st Grade whose mom is having financial difficulties

Elementary girl who doesn’t have food at home


Junior High Mission Trip 2016: Day 2

Day 2 pic 1As told by Macon Boyce:

Today was probably one of the hardest days in junior high mission trip history. We canvassed for what felt like for years, but it was all worth it at the end to see all the kids at Party In The Parking Lot that were excited to go to VBS this week. I worked the bouncy house with Rachel, Ava, and Carrington which was really fun except it was really hot and it felt you were going to drown in your own sweat, but it was really fun playing with the kids and talking to them. Before all of that we went to the church service PIB Mission had and it was really good. They showed us the video from last year of the high school kids working on Victoria’s room.  Victoria is a girl that had leukemia and she really wanted a new room.  Just seeing the before and after was amazing cause I didn’t get to see it last year cause I wasn’t serving there. It made me cry just seeing how happy she was and her room looked amazing, then I looked over to Brett and he was just a hot mess and you really know there is an impact when you look over and you see a grown man crying. I can’t wait to see the kids tomorrow and get to talk to them and know them.

Day 2 pic 2As told by Tucker Case:

Today wasn’t an easy day for our youth ministry. It was supposed to be hard in the first place with canvassing in the hot sun for an hour and a half. We had the most trouble when we started Party In The Parking Lot. We didn’t get half as many kids to come as we have in the past, and that was a problem because we couldn’t form as many bonds as we could if there were more of them.  Brett talked tonight and he said God doesn’t care if there are a hundred kids there because what matters is that we love them and help them to strengthen their bond with Jesus Christ. At the start of today I was worried that there wouldn’t be as many kids as there would normally be. Now I rest assured that it will be okay if I have twenty kids or five. We went to church today and in the sermon the pastor talked about a girl named Kaitlyn, she has cancer and the doctors say there is nothing they can do for her. I feel that the only way she can be healed is through Jesus. We will be praying for her and others with cancer throughout this week and we hope you will too. I also pray for kids to come to VBS tomorrow so their hearts can be touched and molded by god. All in all the day still came out great with seeing kids with smiles on their faces at party in the parking lot and having a good time making them happy I hope we can achieve that and more tomorrow!

Prayer Requests:

Brandi Roppolo’s knee

Kaitlyn – young girl from Mission with cancer

Kids to come to VBS tomorrow

For the Holy Spirit to move through us

Energy for tomorrow

Victoria – young girl from last year with cancer

Axel – young man from last year with cancer

Andrew Anderson flying home from Ireland tomorrow

Colleen Dundas not feeling well


Junior High Mission Trip 2016 – Day 1

JH MissionAs told by Jessica Roppolo

Today is my 13th birthday, and you only turn 13 once. Just thinking about spending the day traveling in the church van to Mission, Texas, exhausted me. My mom, Brandi Roppolo, came with me to this mission trip. She surprised me after the extremely long car trip, where my best friends kept me entertained all of the 6 hours, by buying cupcakes for the whole group. Everyone sang, “Happy Birthday” to me. Today was long and tiring day and tonight made me realize how much I love my mom.  A question came up today that asked, “Who is the person that influence you most?” I knew that what my mom did for me tonight, that she was the person I look up to. She would do anything to make me feel happy and is very nice and kind to others. It’s my hope that our youth group is nice and kind and shows Jesus to people this week.

Prayer Requests:

Jack – fever

Justin – Uncle having some legal

Tyler B – Dad out of town for work and mom not feeling well

Safety and health on our trip

Bo-Rec team to go smoothly


Trey-The Lord would give us wisdom and the words to say to kids and adults

Jessica-Kids will attend VBS & we will do our best

Anderson-For God to use us as salt & light to speak to the kids

No rain and to be open to what the Lord wants to do on this trip.

Pray for Mrs. Inman’s eye that is swollen

Keep perspective for why we are here and not get distracted

Be the light of Christ for the kids here