High School Mission Trip 2016 Day 3

As told by Camryn Crawford:

Today was definitely the most difficult morning since I’ve been on the trip; all of us have been getting about 6-7 hours of sleep each night which is a huge adjustment at least for me because I’m used to getting about 10-11 hours of sleep each night during the summer but it’s okay because it just helps start our day earlier which means more time to serve this awesome community! After I ate my scrumptious breakfast meal consisting of cereal and poptarts I headed out to our first site of the day. We were assigned to pull weeds out of this lady’s garden in her front yard. It was around the length of 6 feet and 5 feet wide, so with 8 people it only took us about 20 minutes. My group then headed back to the relief center to help out with mowing, weed eating, and picking up grass, it was super fun considering it was only 115 degrees out. I ate my yummy lunch of PB&J then my group and one other headed to another work site which was a house in a neighborhood that had been brutally damaged by the tornado. I got to pick up debris and mow 2 lawns. Between the pain of rocks and pebbles hitting my legs and the gallons of sweat I could feel beating off my entire body, it was hard to find the good in the situation. Yet, this one lady came up to us and said that she had noticed our hard work and wanted to give us some waters, it was really nice to know that someone had noticed all our hard work we have been putting in. Come three o’clock, mostly everyone in my group was very exhausted and hungry so we wrapped up our site and went to the Quick Trip gas station. I rode back to the relief center for dinner and we ate baked ziti, bread, salad, and some great banana pudding. The lady who works at the relief center said she was really proud of all our hard work so she said we deserved to have a water balloon fight! It was really fun and refreshing yet gross to see all the dirt slide off my leg, but hey it was fun to nail some people! We went back to the church we’re staying at and got ready for bed. Overall it was a great day and I grew some deeper relationships with the people on this trip.


As told by Will Corona:

Being in the same group as Cam, most of my thunder has been stolen. Although today was so far the roughest day of the week, I was glad I was able to see the way God was working in me and in people in this community. For starters, every time we got back to home base, First Baptist Garland, I had this feeling that I recognize from Collide Impact Weekend and other service projects. It’s this feeling of satisfaction that I have not felt anywhere else, a feeling that I was doing the work of God. The community was the best part of serving, specifically the sincerity of the community’s feedback. On the first day, a truck drove by what was the remains of his step-son’s house, a pile of rubble we were transporting into a dumpster. He thanked us for all we were doing for not only his family but what we were doing in the community. Today, as Cam touched on, a woman driving past our work site brought us two cases of water and thanked us for all the work we were doing in her community. So far this week I’ve noticed just how much this community needed workers of God to help them recover from a tornado that struck their homes six months ago. The energy, persistence, and dedication to our projects could only be due to the prayers of those wearing prayer bracelets, and to all others praying for those on the trip I thank you. I’m so excited to have one mission trip under my belt and I can’t wait to see where God will take our ministry next.

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