High School Mission Trip 2016 Day 2

As told by Aaron Parks:

Today was a very moving day for me, we helped clean up a house that got completely destroyed in the tornado. They lost everything, had no time to grab anything of importance. In the Bible, Job lost everything and that is what today made me think of, the people in this small Texas town lost everything and God really moved today through the neighborhoods of Rowlett, I thought there was no way that we could get as much done as we did. I believe this was a test for the believers and non-believers: Can you stay faithful to God even when things aren’t going your way? That’s what I believe that God showed to me, that he can take anything away at any time, he gives and takes away. So no matter what happens you still need to be faithful and believe.


As told by Kat Patterson:

Starting out today, I was expecting something straight out of a horror movie. Despite my thoughts, my work site was very different. We pulled into this nice and well-off neighborhood, and most all of the houses looked normal, but of course the tornado had hit one or two of them.We worked on four houses, and got all of them done within an hour.So, we decided to walk around the corner to help two ladies.

As we arrived at the house, the ladies had a lot of work to be done. So we hopped in and made a lot of progress, cutting the grass that was almost five feet high. By the end of this, their lawn had been mowed, edged, weed-eated and cared for in any way it needed. The ladies were so gracious and thankful and to see the progress that would’ve taken all day with the two of them.

Lastly, we went to a house that was exactly what I was expecting. As I walked around the property, I observed everything around me. The Roof was missing, and the entire house was demolished. I teared up at the fact that someone had this happen to their home. So my emotions acted as something that inspired me. We ended up fixing up the entire house, which helped the family not have to pay the city ordinance. It impacted me so greatly, even though I never met the family.

I think that today was the start of an amazing week. I know that everyone feels the same way, and that we can accomplish so much over the next couple of days. I’m so blessed to be a part of this and can’t wait to see what’s in store this week.

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