High School Mission Trip 2016 Day 1

As told by Jamie Downs:

I am so excited for this week!!

We started off the trip driving to Waco for dinner, and then drove to the church we are staying at. I am so happy I am able to come on this trip with some of my close friends and work on whatever projects they have for us. Once we got to the church , we set up our air mattresses and got everything squared away, and then we all met in a room and talked about how the rest of the night is going to go and how the week is going to go. After, we were able to go in the gym and play basketball, or go in our rooms and play board or card games. It is an exciting week for me being able to build new relationships with some of the underclassmen and also building stronger ones with my old friends. I am super stoked for a great week! -jamie downs

As told by Jacob Rogers:

I can tell this is going to be a great week!

We drove to get some food in waco, we ate some nice nutricious fast food! Then we carried on to the curch that we are currently at, and unloaded the luggage and food from the trailer! After we finished that, we went into the meeting room and Shanna told us the plan for the week – I’m excited for the opportunity to serve this community. Then we were released to free time and I balled up on everybody, of course. Then I got super tired and took a shower and am about to go to sleep! Please pray for us tomorrow as we go to our worksites and engage with the people of the community. Goodnight! -the one and only JACOB ROGERS!!!!







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