Poland 2016: Day 1 & 2

10352331_719373533515_2453080691580638942_nAs told by Hannah Newman: Well the past two days have been a crazy blur. Traveling is one of the most exhausting things I have ever experienced. After three flights and two train rides, we have arrived in Sopot, Poland! It is such a cool city with some amazing people. Our missionaries—Angela and James— are so excited for the ways God is going to work through our group this week. Angela and James have two really sweet and amazing girls named Ella and Macy. They are both fluent in Polish and English so they translate for us, which is nice. All of the people we are working with during this week are so strong in their faith and I am excited to see what God has planned.

After we got settled into our apartments around the city, we walked a long ways in the freezing cold to go to dinner. (I can already tell I didn’t pack enough warm clothes)! We got to have kebabs from a restaurant in the local square for dinner! After dinner we went to get some coffee from another local shop. So far, all of the food here has been amazing!

I am so thankful for this opportunity and the prayers that we have supporting us throughout this journey. I know that God has something so exciting in store for us and the people that we will create relationships with!!

12814311_10208945222768760_7285316886683437061_nAs told by Drew Newman: We met at the church a little before 11:10am so that we could leave for San Antonio by 11:30. After about a 2 hour drive we arrived at the San Antonio airport. When we got there we had to wait for 2 hours until we could board our flight going to Chicago at 4:50. We took a small plane from San Antonio and arrived at Chicago at 7:30. From there we left Chicago on a double-decker plane at 9:35, and had about a 9 hour flight to Munich, Germany. Although most of us didn’t get much sleep on the plane ride, the flight was awesome all the same. We arrived at Munich at 1:30 (their time), and after a short hour wait we left Munich at 2:30, arriving in Gdansk at 4:00. We met up with James and Angela at the airport and from there took a few train rides to where we would be staying at Sopot, only a few miles away from Gdansk. We finished our long day by eating at one of the many different places that Sopot had to offer, including the one I ate at called Kababistan.

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