Summer Mission Trip: Day 6

unnamedMy final day in Mission was one I will never forget. My group (who worked on the trailer house for the 16 year old boy with cancer) still had quite a bit of work to do. We headed out around 7:30am. We were determined to get the job done before it would be presented to Axel and his family. As the family pulled up, we were finishing the steps to his house. It was the first time they had seen the house in a week. With tears rolling down their faces and eventually giggles and excitement about the new house we had worked on for the past three days it gave me some time to reflect on the week. At times this week it was difficult to remember all the circumstances surrounding the house and family. I’m usually not emotional in front of other people, and so I did not think a lot about Axel this week, I just put my head down and worked until it was time to leave. Seeing him today softened my heart and helped me understand that you can be emotional and use that emotion to your advantage as you attack the tasks at hand. I will never forget that moment from one of my favorite trips of my youth group career. I will forever cherish the memories of long car rides, bunk bed trash talk and the amazing leadership represented first by the adults and followed well by the students. My heart is full this week!

As told by Micah Downs

unnamed (1)Today was our last day of VBS. it was full of smiles and tears. We started off the day with  a game of “Find the Treasure” with the 1st & 2nd graders. Once everyone was signed in we read the story of the resurrection. We gave them a cross necklace to represent the cross Jesus died on, a stone to represent the boulder in front of the tomb, a cloth to represent the cloth Jesus was wrapped in, and lastly a jewel to represent that Jesus is our present. Also, today was our fun-day for VBS so during Rec the kids got to go on bounce houses! Right before Rec I had a little girl named Ruby ask me about Jesus, so we sat down and started talking about what it means to accept Jesus in your heart and if she was ready for that. We prayed together and she excepted Christ! It was one of the most incredible moments of my life! I also had a little girl named America pull me aside at the end of Rec and ask me about Jesus. So we went aside and started talking and prayed. She gave her life to Christ too! It was amazing! While we were at lunch we went around the table and asked everyone if they had accepted Christ, and if so, when. Some kids already had and some hadn’t, but that moment was probably the best moment I had had with the kids because after that I think the kids started to take the bible story more seriously than they did. We had worship soon after and that was the best worship we had all week. All the kids were dancing and singing and praising the lord! When the day came to an end lots of kids didn’t want to leave which made me happy but made me realize it was really time to go home. We all said our goodbyes and gave each other things. This trip was very eye-opening, yet so inspiring! It really made me realize I’m so blessed with what I have and that I should take the little things for granted. It was an amazing week and I couldn’t of asked for a better week with any better people! “Love God, love people”

As told by Molly Posey

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