Summer Mission Trip: Day 5

unnamedWell, it was an incredible next-to-last day for us junior highers. We started off with our VBS, of course. I have been working with fifth and sixth graders, and my group and I were determined to share Jesus with these kids today. After we completed our Bible Story skit on “Daniel in the Lions’ Den,” we split into four small groups and discussed what it meant to give your life to Jesus. Out of our four groups, we had five children give their lives to Jesus! Praise God! Afterwards, we continued with a craft and headed to lunch, then worship. Worship was incredible – the fifth/sixth graders and youth usually just stand there, but they were dancing their hearts out today! Later at rec, I got the opportunity to talk with a girl who didn’t understand much English. After chatting for a bit, I learned she wanted to give her life to Jesus, but didn’t know how. Using Google Translate as an aid, we were able to communicate. I answered her questions, then got the amazing experience of praying with her to accept Christ! It was the most incredible thing.

After a long but fun morning, our VBS completed, we headed to an afternoon of fun at Schlitterbahn. All of us middle schoolers had a blast going around the lazy river, riding the rides, visiting the beach, and buying over-priced food. The weather was perfect, and it was such a great time with friends. When we returned to Melody Lane, we had our share time with the high schoolers. Personally, I think it was our best yet! Everyone was engaged, and it was full of encouraging, funny, and heart-tugging stories and experiences. We got to hear about all the ways the high schoolers are serving and how us junior highers are impacting the kids. This trip has been absolutely stupendous-everyone has grown spiritually in some way. I can’t wait to see what our last day brings!

As told by Roxy Odiorne

unnamed (1)This morning I woke up bright and early to a super great devotional about how it was never promised to us that sharing Jesus’s love with other people is an easy thing to do. Struggles, obstacles and trials are used as roadblocks during our day, but we can totally use that as a way to show people the strength that you get from God through everyday stuff that we go through. After doing my devotional, I loaded up onto the bus with 7 other high schoolers and headed to the VBS that we have been holding this week. On Monday and Tuesday we had between 10-15 kiddos come, but today we only had 5 show up. They were outnumbered by 3, so 4 of us left to go work on other jobs. I was kinda bummed that I was being taken from this work site because I really love working with kids and I feel like I would much rather build relationships with these littles than to go move things in a church or paint. We got to our new work site, a church called Conway Avenue Baptist Church where we would move things from one side of the little campus to another. Anyone that knows me would know that lifting things is not exactly my forte, but I put all my energy into it knowing it was our last full day and wasn’t being used for nothing. Brett asked me to finish painting a room we had been working on the day before, so I went and sat alone in the simple white room with my paintbrush and my music. Though I was a little bit sad that I was away from people because I love talking to people and building relationships like I said earlier, I soon realized that I could use this time to my advantage. I decided I was going to have some one-on-one time with Jesus and work on that relationship, which is much greater than any other earthy relationship I could’ve worked on that day. I turned on Rend Collective and spent some time in the quiet. It was really peaceful and relaxing and so very fulfilling for me to have that time with God, especially with how busy life can get. After working at Conway for a few hours I went to a Chick-Fil-A and we hosted a free car wash. We covered ourselves in soap and water during the process, which quickly went from refreshing to a little bit annoying and sticky feeling. It was an awesome day down here in Mission, Texas and I can see God at work in so so so many different places. Keep us in your prayers tomorrow as we finish the work that we were brought here to do and drive the long way back home!!

As told by Gracie Bridges

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