Summer Mission Trip: Day 4


Today some of the high school students went to Agape Christian School to run a VBS for the second day. It was a great day that the Lord made and the smile on the kids’ faces when they found out we were having a water day was priceless. After VBS we went back to Primeira to help move their stuff out and into storage. It was hard work but a lot of bonding time and getting closer to some great people. After that long day we went to Gabe’s for an amazing dinner and just to relax and have a good time. Overall today was a great day and I’m thankful for the amazing people on this trip and the people that put this altogether. Most of all happy to serve the God I love.

As told by Bryson Prather

unnamed (1)Today junior high students went to the church to have VBS when all the kids had arrived we played games, sang songs, and had Bible study. It was so amazing to see how God’s love works in these kids’ lives.  Then we went to The Zone and had so much fun playing games.  Then we went to Mr. Gabe’s house were we swam and ATE THE BEST FOOD EVER!!!!  It was so nice of them to open up their home to all of us and show such great hospitality.  Today was a really fun day!

As told by Colleen Dundas

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