Summer Mission Trip: Day 3

unnamed (1)Today was amazing!!!  It was our first day of VBS and we built great relationships with all the sweet the kids!  At VBS the kids learned about the creation story.  After that that we did rec which was super fun and the kids were smiling so much!!!  Then we went to worship and music which was so fun.  I’m pretty sure all the kids LOVED getting the chance to sing and dance and have so much fun with Tito (the puppet).  Once we were all wrapped up and all the kids went home all the middle school kids went to go see the movie “Minions.”  The movie was a fun way to relax and cool down before we went back to Melody Lane to eat dinner and “chill”!!!

As told by Grace Newman

unnamedToday, all of the high school students split up to tackle the first day of many different projects. These tasks ranged from a Vacation Bible Study in the park to renovating the house of a 16-year-old boy with cancer. The day was long and very hot, but we also got a lot done. Several of the groups will continue working on the same projects throughout the week, and everyone will have their hands full while we’re here in the Valley.

I was assigned to the VBS in the park. Primera Baptist Church, our partner church, is currently in the process of moving locations. They’ve purchased about 15 acres in another area of Mission and they’re going to build from the ground-up, which is awesome! In the meantime, however, they will be holding services at Agape Christian School. Our team is hosting a free VBS this week at the school for children living in the new area to which PBC will move very soon.

Everything about this VBS was (is) unpredictable. We planned it a few days before we left – with the assumption that kids would actually show up. We didn’t know what to expect today, but (spoiler alert!) God always comes through. We had about fifteen kids show up and everything ran smoothly and successfully!

After the park, the VBS team split up even further. One group left to paint another local church, another group left with our middle school students to invest in them while they went to see a movie, and my group helped with the process of moving Primera. We unloaded a large shed full of years of church furniture and supplies, loaded as many items as possible onto a trailer to be taken to a storage unit, then loaded everything that couldn’t fit back into the original shed (oh yeah – and it hit 100˚ today). We also swept, caulked, and weeded the basketball court. All in all, a very productive day.

On a personal note, God is definitely showing me what it’s like to have a “servant’s heart.” I was assigned to the two things I’m absolutely the least comfortable with: heavy lifting and kids. But the truth is that’s not really the point; in fact, it’s not about me at all. Service is about others: the children we’re playing with, the parents of those children, the family of PBC, the future members of their congregation – these people are the reason we are here. And, honestly, that’s an infinitely better reason than my personal comfort level or satisfaction.

So as we continue to serve Mission, Texas, we would greatly appreciate your prayers. Specifically for stamina, servant-minded attitudes, peace amongst our – very large – team, and that no one would get a heat stroke (you think I’m kidding).

In Christ’s love,

Michaela Newman

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