Summer Mission Trip: Day 2

unnamed1Today was long and hot, but I think that everyone would agree that it was completely worth it. After an awesome service at Primera Baptist Church, We had lunch and planned on canvasing in the  local neighborhood.  Unfortunately, our supplies were locked in the church and we had to wait for someone to let us in. Despite a late start, we still covered the entire neighborhood.  We canvased for about an hour. It was scorching hot, but everyone kept a good attitude. Then we set up for vacation bible school. We figured out what games we are going to play, what songs we are going to sing, and then decorated rooms.  After getting some snacks we set up for the party in the parking lot. The party was a lot of fun and the kids really enjoyed it. After we cleaned up and had some pizza, we started to head back to the camp. We had small groups then we typed this.

Written by:Dylan Cahill & Jack Hellmann

unnamed3As I’ve made my way back down to Mission, TX for the fourth time, I cannot express the excitement I’ve felt for the past day and a half. Today was a busy day full of tears, sweat, and a whole lot of Jesus. All though Sunday is probably the most tiring day of the trip, it is also the most rewarding in my eyes. No matter if this is your first year or your seventh year like some of the kiddos on this trip, Sunday is a great day to just take it all in, and get a first glimpse of how God is working here in a Mission, and how you as a student will continue to work through him. To be specific, Sunday is my favorite day of the trip because we get to attend a church service at Primera Iglesia, making this morning by far my favorite Sunday morning of the whole year. It’s unbelievably humbling to see a group of people with this much love the Lord. I love being able to come down and feel the Lord’s presence in a place that’s not Austin, TX. If you happen to be reading this, I ask that you say a prayer for all the kids and adults on this trip. Pray that we will have peace and patience in all of our actions, and to take each day one day at a time with open arms and happy hearts. Specifically I ask that you say a prayer for Brett. Pray for patience and a smooth road ahead. God could not have chosen a better man to be put in charge of all 98 people in this crazy, God filled setting. Check back tomorrow for stories about our first days at VBS for middle school, and first day of work sites for the high school. Lots of love!

Written by: Rylie York

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