March 19, 2015 – Oceanside Day 7

1As told by Hannah Newman

Oh goodness….yesterday was crazy. I was given the opportunity to host a Box Top party with Andrea and Mrs. Luci at Caesar Chavez (the middle school we worked at towards the beginning of the week). The day began at 6:30 because we had to get fresh donuts for Mrs. Johnson’s (the teacher who had the most box tops brought in) first two classes. After two hours of questions about life in Texas and a whole lot of laughter with some of the sweetest middle school kids I have ever met, Andrea and were invited to their laser assembly. We became really close with 4 kids throughout the day. Also, we found out through the day that Mrs. Johnson was strong in her faith, which lead to some 2strong spiritual conversations while she didn’t have any students.  Next we held a pizza party during Mrs. Johnson’s next two classes. The questions—mostly consisting of what life is like to be a Texan – continue to be asked. Our day at the school came to an end with a root beer float party, more laughter, and many goodbye hugs. The three of us changed quickly and went over to the Shack to help with some last minute fixer uppers. We painted, swept, and reorganized in preparations for the youth group party that night. The fun times of the night began at 6:30 with some pizza. We then played some fun games and heard testimonies from Sarah, Josh and Micah. Brett spoke next with—and I quote – “a short and rousing sermon which will encourage me to dedicate the rest of my life to ministry”. It really was a great reminder of the importance of ministry followed by a really great small group conversation with some of the kids I hung with earlier. After the goodbye “selfies” and hugs the Georgetown kids loaded up and headed back to the church we were staying at to pack our bags for an early morning back to Texas.

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