March 16, 2015 – Oceanside Day 4

1As told by Colin Huntley

Today was actually, for me, and incredibly long and thought provoking day. To be completely transparent, I started off not happy or motivated. We did get a little bit more sleep last night than we have the past few nights, but my collective tiredness had been catching up to me. In addition, we were working with kids at an elementary school, while I’m not very good with kids.  All of that being said, I was not thrilled to be there from the very beginning.

Throughout the course of the day, I continued in my bad mood. I was doing the work I was supposed to be doing, but not gladly, and not with a spirit of service. Around the middle of the day, I began to realize what was wrong with my way of thinking, but continued to ignore it and continue to explain. I didn’t have my moment of real understanding of all of this until after our work was done though.

It suddenly became very clear to me today that this trip I’m on right now is, and I feel will continue to be, what I like to call a ‘search my heart’ trip. The Lord is using this trip to show me where I am in my heart right now, and he’s being very explicit with it. It’s been no secret to me, the things that God is revealing to me this week, and it’s hitting me hard.

Although we’ve been told from the beginning that we aren’t here for ourselves, but for God, those words did not mean a whole lot to me until today. It’s become very tangible on my heart over these past few days what it means to be servant, selfless, and humble. These are three things I am not always… Not even close to always.

So I’m very thankful for this week and what God is showing to me about myself, and I’m excited to learn more.

2As told by Josh Covey

Today was great in many ways. Countless things were accomplished at the two schools and The Shack. God has moved in every mission trip I have been on and the last couple have been incredible, life changing ones. Coming into this trip I was worried about how God would move this time. Today was a testament to God’s faithfulness and a day where my faith was strengthened as God moved once again and used an unworthy guy like me.

I went to Chavez Middle School, the same school I was able to serve at two years ago. I made so many relationships with the students last time and was hoping to see the sixth graders, who are now eighth graders, again. I ended up meeting with a ton of those same kids and we got to catch up. I have been praying for these kids over the past two years and I was so hoping to go back to Chavez to see them again. It was awesome to hang out with the kids I knew and the new kids I met today. Building relationships and spreading the love of Jesus as well as letting them know about Generations Church and Chris Martinez was awesome.

Being able to serve the coaches as well as the kids by replacing the basketball nets was cool too. The coaches were awesome and one of them told us that he was a Christian and that he loves being able to invest in the students there. That was extremely encouraging for me to know as he will be a continuing light at Chavez.

God clearly showed me that He is intentional about each and every one of His decisions and actions in our lives and the lives of others and it was absolutely awesome to see today. Finishing the day at the beach and seeing God’s beauty as the sun set gave me even more joy and I am pumped to continue working tomorrow! Thank you so much for your prayers. They are certainly being answered.

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