March 15, 2015 – Oceanside Day 3

1As told by Gracie Bridges

We started our morning pretty early, getting up at 6am to leave and be at the church early enough to set everything up. We got there 2 hours early and had just enough time to empty the trailer and set up the different rooms. I went with the youth group, which was mostly full of the people from our church. There were only about 7 students from Generations North. It was really awesome because all of the kids were really excited to be there and were so full of energy. We had a 10 minute lesson on perseverance and then went outside to play different games. Towards the end there were 15 minutes for fellowship between everyone and it was really cool. People brought different treats, one of them being bacon cupcakes. After that we ate lunch and went to the safari park portion of the San Diego Zoo. We walked through the park and went on a tram ride. For dinner we went to Chris Martinez’s house for a homemade meal.

23As told by Micah Downs

The men’s bunker was awakened by “The Eyes of Texas” around 5:30 am and most of the guys were up ready for showers. Except for Josh and I. As Mission Trip veterans we understand how valuable time is, and we use it to our advantage. We left the church parking lot at 7 am and not a minute later (remember the time thing) Upon arriving at Generations North, which is held at Cesar Chavez Middle School, we unloaded the whole church out of the back of Chris’ truck and trailer and got it organized and ready for the service. I am being completely serious when I mentioned unloading the church. The whole church is literally packed up every Sunday and set back up the next week by the same people. It took our group of thirty about thirty minutes. Only four people help most services so that is about uhhhh….actually I am terrible at math, but you are catching my drift. After the service ended and we conversed with some members we headed to In-N-Out. Supposedly since we are in California it “taste so much better!” and we had to at least mark it off the list. Following the soggy burger that is in no way comparable to my beloved Whataburger, we hit up the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. The zoo is always full of adventures and it was a cool way to see God’s beautiful creations first hand. With tired feet and sunburnt necks we concluded the day at Chris’ house for some of his mother-in-law’s homemade curry. It was an amazing day of fellowship and relationship building. About to hit the hay here in Cali- keep us in your prayers and on your minds.

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