March 14, 2015 – Oceanside Day 2

As told by Hailey Hughes:

Waking up today was rough. After a long day of travel yesterday, and hardly any sleep last night; I did not want to get off of my super comfortable air mattress. Motivation was definitely a struggle. Mrs. Downs was the first person to talk to me today and I am so thankful for that. She turned the lights on this morning and collectively talked to all the girls. She reminded us that God isn’t surprised by our difficulties and he knows everything that is going to happen, our amount of sleep, energy levels, and emotions are all a part of his plan and we need to trust him with it. After hearing that from her, I was definitely ready to start my day.

We left the church at 6:45am, and met with Chris Martinez at a local baseball field park where we spent the day to talk about what he had planned for us. In his conversation, he said something that really stuck with me, “Good deeds create good will which brings along the good news”. When I heard him say this I knew that I wanted to work hard to bring good news to people and spread the gospel throughout my day. The conversation ended and we had various jobs to go work on.

Eventually I ended up spending most of my day selling tickets for a carnival that was going on at the park. Throughout the day I had multiple conversations with different families and I was able to hand out information about Generations Church (the local church we are serving). I loved getting to know these people and spend my day serving others in a very productive way. Although it was very tiring, I felt blessed that I was able to give it all to God and remember was Mrs. Downs said. I am looking forward to the rest of the week.

2As told by Jacob Rogers

Waking up this morning was difficult because we were up for so many hours yesterday, but we did have lots of inspiration from great leaders. We met Chris Martinez at a local park and started to do projects in the area. I ended up leaving the site and going to the house of one of the oldest members of the church we were at. She now has dementia and her husband collected old tools and random metal things. We cleaned a lot of the yard and area around, it was hard to watch her husband not want to get rid of lots of things. Then at the end of the day we had a group circle to tell things we did and things God showed us today and it was great to hear the things happening in the hearts of us and others. After the group circle I ended up talking to you. Goodnight or good morning, Jesus loves you.

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