March 13, 2015 – Oceanside Day 1

11071087_827709450600171_7644388994610194547_nToday was a LONG first day.  Our journey started with us meeting at the church at 5am for a drive to San Antonio.  Flying out of Austin would have been ideal, but it was $200 cheaper per person to go San Antonio to San Diego.  Traffic was a breeze, check in at the airport was really fast, and the security line was short.  We were excited to get off to a smooth start!

Our flight arrived early and picking up our rental vans was very easy.  We headed over to Seaport Village where we had lunch, shopped, and saw the ocean.  After a few hours there, we walked over to the USS Midway and we spent a few hours touring one of the great aircraft carriers of our nation’s history.

After leaving San Diego we headed to Oceanside.  We ate a pizza dinner at Shakey’s, grabbed some frozen yogurt, and then went to Wal-mart to shop for our food.  We didn’t get out of Wal-mart until 9:45pm (Pacific time).  We couldn’t go to the church where we are staying before that because the church has Celebrate Recovery.

It’s currently 1:15am Texas time which means I’ve been up for over 22 hours straight . . . and we have to be at our work site tomorrow at 7am.  It is going to be a very hard day because everyone is already exhausted and it is an early start.  Pray for our energy and attitudes.  We’ll try to catch up on rest/sleep on Saturday night.

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