August 5, 2014 – New Orleans; Day 5

Today we served at the KIPP Believe Primary (yesterday was at KIPP Leadership).  The entire school system in New Orleans is comprised of charter schools.  They are the first city in the entire nation to make that move and KIPP is one of the charter school groups that has several schools here.

It was a little bit frustrating because the staff at the school was extremely busy because it was their first day of school.  Our team had mixed feelings.  Some of our team felt like they did a lot of work, while others felt like there was a lot of standing around.  We were scheduled to be there until 5pm, but we finished their entire work list by 11am.  Despite some down time, we did prove to be a lot of help to the school since they had just moved into their building on July 1st.

We quit working at about 5pm and headed to the French Quarter to take a cruise on the Steamboat Natchez.  We had a great dinner on the ship and spent two hours just enjoying the Mississippi river, the breeze, and great conversation. After the cruise we headed home and headed to bed.

2 responses

  1. Please share a picture of the entire team .

  2. I didn’t take any pictures. Only had a few that the kids themselves took and then forwarded to me.

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