August 4, 2014 – New Orleans; Day 4

This morning we headed over to an elementary school to help them prepare for their first day of school which is Tuesday.  They start EARLY down here!  We worked from 9am – 5:30pm and only had a ten minute break for lunch . . . but we sure did accomplish a lot.  We hung signs, organized closets, sorted and delivered $20,000 worth of books to teachers, picked up rocks at the playground, organzied a library, cut things, glued things, drew things, colored things, and filled out things all day long.  The teachers and staff were overwhelmingly appreciative and we also heard the magic words that we long to hear from our contact . . . “we’ve had a lot of groups this summer, but you guys were the best group we’ve had.”

One of the weirdest things happened.  While we were in the back part of the school cleaning up rocks and trash one of the guys said, “That’s not where we parked is it?” and pointed to a van at the fence (see the picture with this blog).  Right in front of us, parked at the school, was one of the two FBC Georgetown church vans that we sold last year.  What are the chances of that?!?!?!?!

We were planning on eating dinner with two of our missionaries that we’ve served with before, but at the last minute they had a pressing matter arise so they had to cancel.  Since the guys were leading the day in the Battle of the Sexes (the girls couldn’t even score a point) they chose to go back to the French Quarter for dinner.  We ate at Camellia Grill and then headed back for an early night.  The entire team was exhausted.

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