August 1, 2014 – New Orleans; Day 1

We loaeded up with 11 of the best seniors at 8am and started the journey towards New Orleans and kicked off the annual “Battle of the Sexes.”  There are contests all along the way to get points and whichever gender has the most points at a given time get to make a decision.  The guys started off with a quick lead, but the girls passed them by before lunch and chose for us to eat at Whataburger outside of Houston.

The trip to New Orleans was  packed with traffic and what would have been an 8 hour drive (if you drove non-stop) ended up being an 11 hour drive.  The great news is that we arrived without incident and moved into the Tulane BSM where we are staying for the week.

After a brief orientation and the girls choosing the larger bathroom for the week (yes, they were still in charge and I anticipate they will be all week), they decided to walk to dinner.  No one wanted to sit in a van any longer.  We walked to Fresca’s and had pizza.  After we got back, we unpacked, made our grocery shopping list, and had a brief share time before going to bed.

3 responses

  1. As far as Battle of the sexes goes, what’s the ratio of males to females?

    1. 6 girls; 5 guys

  2. So awesome! Thanks Brett!

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