July 16, 2014: Mission, TX – Day 5

Dodgeball ChampsAs told by Kylee Downs

Hi I’m Kylee Downs, and I’ve had the chance this week to work with Pre-K kids.  It is a lot different than being with older kids because you do not get to share your testimony since they would not understand, but it is still a blast getting to do what I love (Play with little kids).  Today started off by Kathleen and I running around picking up kids from their houses, which by now we had in control.  After we finished, I went to the Pre-K room and waited for the kids to arrive.  We started the day by going to rec where we played with chalk, hula hoops, and bubbles.  After that we went to music, which by now most of the kids would jump around and do the motions.  We then went to lunch and ate delicious mac-n-cheese and a dessert of ice cream sandwiches.  We headed back to the room and did our craft which was making necklaces.  We then just hung out and played with play dough.  Sunny’s group headed over for more music and a video.  The VBS day was then over!  Everyone then headed over to the ark for a dodge ball tourney that was lots of fun! We went to Gabe’s house for a night of good food and fun!  I swam some and played volleyball/wiffleball.  Gabe and his wife prepared a delicious meal which everyone loved!  We all headed back over to Melody Lane to end the night with share time and small groups.


As told by Hannah Pogue

Hey I’m Hannah.  This week I’ve been working with 3rd and 4th grade.  Its been really good but we have 35 kids which is a good thing.  So today my group made t-shirts and they turned out really cute.  Our kids painted bubble wrap to make grapes and then we sprayed green paint on them to be like the vines.  After our craft we split into our small groups and we talked about self-control, love and joy.  After our small group time we tried to play our game but it didn’t go very well because our group wasn’t really understanding what to do.  Then we went to music and rec and our kids had a lot of fun running around and singing all the songs.  Then we went to Gabe’s and ate fajitas and swam.


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