July 14, 2014: Mission, Texas – Day 3

As told by Amy Solheim

This morning we woke up celebrating Gracie’s birthday. After breakfast we headed to the church to plan our first day of vbs. I’m teaching 6th through 12th grade all this week, and this morning we scurried to get everything prepared before the kids showed. When the kids got to the youth room we had them make a sign with their name to pin on the wall and joined in a group discussion of “Would You Rather.”  Next we played Minute To Win It, where the objective of the game was to bounce a ping pong ball onto a peanut butter coated piece of bread.  Siblings went against one another racing to be the first to stick the ping pong ball.

Next we began our lesson on how Jesus calls on us. I read Matthew 4:18-25 and Gracie spoke to the kids on putting our faith in God and being fishers of men.  We then got into groups and discussed what this meant to each of us.

After the lesson we went to music where we sang fun songs and pulled on the kids to sing along.  Next we moved to rec where we played an odd combination of soccer, basketball, and football.  After that was lunch and wrapping up VBS.  VBS is off to a great start and I really liked meeting all the kids.  Teaching kids closer to my age was a little intimidating and a lot of fun.

Next we went to the movies and I saw the first “Planet of the Apes” movie I’ve ever seen.  I thought it was pretty good.  I got really attached to Ceaser.  Then we played the urban spoon game and ended up at Fuddruckers.  Now we are back at Melody Lane and just got finished in small groups and eating Gracie’s birthday ice cream.


As told by Burke Bridges

Last night, I was kind of worried about what to expect from the pre-k kids (that’s the group I’m teaching), and when I got there I was still not sure what to expect.  After setting up the room with streamers and signs, the first kid walked in.  At this point I was actually kind of nervous, I mean I didn’t want to say the wrong thing; it might ruin his whole week.  They told me his name was Eric.  I began to lead him over to the table, thinking about what to say.  It was not pretty.  I asked him different questions just to get no answer.  More kids were arriving, but I still can’t even talk to this one kid!

Then I remembered that just about none of them speak English.  At this point I was just wondering what I was going to do to communicate to them, but what I soon found to be true is that just giving them the action of unconditional love and care goes even farther than that annoying long speech.  Oh and Eric?  He turned into the most energetic kid there!  He was jumping up and down and clapping and dancing.  I made a friendship in less than a day, not knowing the same language, and having to love on other kids just as much and I bet by tomorrow, I’ll make friends with all the other kids, because love can act fast.

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