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July 17, 2014: Mission, TX – Day 6

This is the final day of VBS and it’s been a great week.  Our students have done a phenomenal job.  Early in the week we lost one of our adults to a week long stay in the hospital.  He was in charge of our recreation group.  Being a man down obviously made it a bit more difficult.  Brett shifted over into the rec roll, but with all of the administrative things that happen during the day it wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be.  The first day was fairly rough, but they regrouped after the first day and got to work.  The rec team is five students and a high school helper and they rose to the occasion and ran recreation with little help from any adults at all.  That was the kind of thing that seemed to be happening all week long with our students.

The best part of the week is that our junior high students have led eight children to decisions to follow Jesus this week!


July 16, 2014: Mission, TX – Day 5

Dodgeball ChampsAs told by Kylee Downs

Hi I’m Kylee Downs, and I’ve had the chance this week to work with Pre-K kids.  It is a lot different than being with older kids because you do not get to share your testimony since they would not understand, but it is still a blast getting to do what I love (Play with little kids).  Today started off by Kathleen and I running around picking up kids from their houses, which by now we had in control.  After we finished, I went to the Pre-K room and waited for the kids to arrive.  We started the day by going to rec where we played with chalk, hula hoops, and bubbles.  After that we went to music, which by now most of the kids would jump around and do the motions.  We then went to lunch and ate delicious mac-n-cheese and a dessert of ice cream sandwiches.  We headed back to the room and did our craft which was making necklaces.  We then just hung out and played with play dough.  Sunny’s group headed over for more music and a video.  The VBS day was then over!  Everyone then headed over to the ark for a dodge ball tourney that was lots of fun! We went to Gabe’s house for a night of good food and fun!  I swam some and played volleyball/wiffleball.  Gabe and his wife prepared a delicious meal which everyone loved!  We all headed back over to Melody Lane to end the night with share time and small groups.


As told by Hannah Pogue

Hey I’m Hannah.  This week I’ve been working with 3rd and 4th grade.  Its been really good but we have 35 kids which is a good thing.  So today my group made t-shirts and they turned out really cute.  Our kids painted bubble wrap to make grapes and then we sprayed green paint on them to be like the vines.  After our craft we split into our small groups and we talked about self-control, love and joy.  After our small group time we tried to play our game but it didn’t go very well because our group wasn’t really understanding what to do.  Then we went to music and rec and our kids had a lot of fun running around and singing all the songs.  Then we went to Gabe’s and ate fajitas and swam.


July 15, 2014: Mission, TX – Day 4

10487295_10102238376178287_2753962358293409900_nToday was our 2nd day of VBS in Mission, Texas.  I work in the youth group, 7th – 12th grade, and we played a game that they really seemed to enjoy called Tic-Tac.  You tape two full tic-tac boxes to the ends of a ruler, bite the middle, and shake your head to try and empty the boxes.  At first everyone was hesitant to play, but after our first group went, they all wanted to try it!  After the game, Brodie and Chase taught an awesome lesson about trusting God.  Then, we broke into small groups and asked the kids what trust meant to them, and some other questions.  One of the boys told me that he can’t trust very many people in his life, and explained to me that he saw his dad for the first time, in prison, at the beginning of that school year.  That really humbled me because I trust a lot of people in my life and my dad works from home so I get to see him all the time.  At the beginning of the week,  I was really not looking forward to working in the youth because I feel like I’m a lot better working with younger kids, but I am really glad I was put in youth.  I have learned so much this week already and formed relationships that I wouldn’t have had without being there.  After VBS was finished, we took a trip to Schlitterbahn on South Padre Island!  It was a lot of fun. Continue to keep us in your prayers!10487299_10102235945559267_4324322543314574695_n

July 14, 2014: Mission, Texas – Day 3

As told by Amy Solheim

This morning we woke up celebrating Gracie’s birthday. After breakfast we headed to the church to plan our first day of vbs. I’m teaching 6th through 12th grade all this week, and this morning we scurried to get everything prepared before the kids showed. When the kids got to the youth room we had them make a sign with their name to pin on the wall and joined in a group discussion of “Would You Rather.”  Next we played Minute To Win It, where the objective of the game was to bounce a ping pong ball onto a peanut butter coated piece of bread.  Siblings went against one another racing to be the first to stick the ping pong ball.

Next we began our lesson on how Jesus calls on us. I read Matthew 4:18-25 and Gracie spoke to the kids on putting our faith in God and being fishers of men.  We then got into groups and discussed what this meant to each of us.

After the lesson we went to music where we sang fun songs and pulled on the kids to sing along.  Next we moved to rec where we played an odd combination of soccer, basketball, and football.  After that was lunch and wrapping up VBS.  VBS is off to a great start and I really liked meeting all the kids.  Teaching kids closer to my age was a little intimidating and a lot of fun.

Next we went to the movies and I saw the first “Planet of the Apes” movie I’ve ever seen.  I thought it was pretty good.  I got really attached to Ceaser.  Then we played the urban spoon game and ended up at Fuddruckers.  Now we are back at Melody Lane and just got finished in small groups and eating Gracie’s birthday ice cream.


As told by Burke Bridges

Last night, I was kind of worried about what to expect from the pre-k kids (that’s the group I’m teaching), and when I got there I was still not sure what to expect.  After setting up the room with streamers and signs, the first kid walked in.  At this point I was actually kind of nervous, I mean I didn’t want to say the wrong thing; it might ruin his whole week.  They told me his name was Eric.  I began to lead him over to the table, thinking about what to say.  It was not pretty.  I asked him different questions just to get no answer.  More kids were arriving, but I still can’t even talk to this one kid!

Then I remembered that just about none of them speak English.  At this point I was just wondering what I was going to do to communicate to them, but what I soon found to be true is that just giving them the action of unconditional love and care goes even farther than that annoying long speech.  Oh and Eric?  He turned into the most energetic kid there!  He was jumping up and down and clapping and dancing.  I made a friendship in less than a day, not knowing the same language, and having to love on other kids just as much and I bet by tomorrow, I’ll make friends with all the other kids, because love can act fast.

July 13, 2014: Mission, TX – Day 2

As told by Rylie York

Today was our first day here in Mission, TX!  This is my third year on this trip, and every year this place never stops amazing me.  This morning we attended a church service with the church were hosting VBS at!  The music and love for God that is held in the worship is like no other. For the first time, they invited kids up on stage to lead worship, and they were ecstatic about their love for Christ, jumping around and singing at the top of their lungs.  All day we prepared for VBS and the party in the parking lot, that was tonight. It was great to see lots of familiar faces and smiling hearts that are ready for another great week of VBS! Please keep us in yours prayers as we reach out to the people in this community and love on them!


As told by McCall Hampton

Today was our first day at Mission.  We got up and went to church.  Church was great, and we met a lot of really nice people!  All day we prepared for VBS.  We went around in a neighborhood and handed out flyers to everyone!  Most people where very nice but some weren’t as nice.  After that we went back to the church and got set up for party in the parking lot.  We made many relationships with the people who showed up.  I’m very grateful to be on this trip and I’m looking forward to next year!

July 12, 2014: Mission, Texas – Day 1

Oh the drive . . . it’s still a long one.  We left right on time with a great group of students and headed south.  The trip was pretty uneventful, which we consider a good thing!  We stopped a couple of times for gas and bathroom breaks and then landed in McAllen at about 6:00pm.  We split up for dinner at Chick-fil-a, Wendy’s, Wingstop, and a few other places.  After dinner, we drove fifteen minutes to Melody Lane Retreat Center and unloaded our bags, made our beds, and moved into our dorms.  We had an hour of down time to do that and then we met for our Share Time.  After Share Time, we broke up into our small groups and discussed Matthew 22:37-40.  We have a prayer request.  We’ve sent Lance Rushing, one of our adults, to the hospital tonight.  He’s been having back pain for the past week and this morning it moved to his stomach as well.  It’s been pretty unbearable.  As I’m typing this, he’s at the hospital and they are running tests.  Pray for his healing and recovery.  Also, please pray for lives to be eternally changed this week.