March 12, 2014: Poland – Day 6

Team Josh; as told by Lacie Jones

Yet another great day! Today we went to an elementary school in a village. The school was very tiny, only about 60 students total. We made Powerpoints about our lives in America and presented them to 5 different classes. The main goal for doing this was so the kids could get used to hearing and comprehending english while having fun and learning about America at the same time. In my Powerpoint I talked about how I LOVE to sing and one of the classes asked me to sing for them. I am definitely not the person to just jump up and starting singing. I am shy when it comes to my talents, but the kids were so cute I couldn’t say no, so Josh (the  missionary) played the piano and I sang Hosana. It was definitely a God moment where he just wanted me to obey him. I was just saying in the break room before that class how terrified I would be if I was asked to sing on the spot.. and then the second I say I sing they wanted me to start singing so I waited for everyone else in our group to present and I just sang to God the whole time so I wouldn’t be nervous. I also got to teach them a few signs, like Poland and the United States of America. It was such a fun day to just get to hang out with the kids and teach them some stuff about my culture. Caleb and I also two stepped for them and then taught them how to do the line dance Footloose. It was awesome to see them catch on so fast and they loved dancing with us. Over all today couldn’t have gone any better. Micah was sick for part of the day so we were missing half of our group but he is all better now and will be back with us tomorrow along with Kathleen! God blessed me with an awesome group and I’m happy that we will all be healthy and together for tomorrow!! Once again keep us in your prayers. We will be visiting two other schools tomorrow and we will also be going back to the youth group we helped out with a few days ago! I can’t wait to see what God has planned for tomorrow(:

Team Kenny; as told by Tori Haas

Greetings! We started the day off wonderfully. Brett and James joined us and Pawel took us to a Polish Bakery where we had Ponchki (a Polish donut). Then, we got the privilege to go to the same high school we went to yesterday. There we invested in the students lives and had them practice their English by answering questions that we asked. We learned a bunch about their daily lives. Did y’all know that they can not drive until they are 18? Or that the legal age to drink is 18? The students were really excited to talk to us again, and a lot have promised to be at Texas Night tomorrow. After we said our goodbyes at the school we went to a restaurant in New Town and ate lunch. There Jenna and I shared Pierogi (which is like potstickers) and Barszcz (a beet soup). I also tried some of James’ pig knuckles as well. After lunch we went home and prepared for the lesson that we are giving tomorrow night for Texas Night. We are talking about the gospel so please pray that the people that come to Texas Night come with open ears and open hearts and we have the right words to say! At around 5:30 we left and went to the orphanage! We had a wonderful time loving on the children. We played games, took pictures, read books, colored, and Grayson shared his lesson tonight. Saying goodbye to the wonderful children at the orphanage was extremely sad. One girl actually said she wanted to go back to America with me. Next, we went and watched Derek, who is another orphan, play soccer. He was so happy that we were their to cheer him on. We love and miss y’all. Thanks for all the prayers and support!

Team Adrian; as told by Liz Wytko

Today was an awesome day in Poland!  It was our third day in the schools, and although the language barriers are still challenging, the friendships we have created with Polish kids are growing stronger and stronger each day.

Like the first two days, we got to the school at a little before 9 AM and went to our first class of the day.  Most groups had different classes with different kids than they had the first couple of days because we switched classes in order to build relationships with more people.   Some of the groups said they had the best day yet, and some said they had the hardest day yet, but everyone agreed that the outcome at our church event in the evening was better than we could have hoped or expected.

After the school day we went and shopped at the mall to relieve stress and burn free time, and at 5 we went to the 2nd Baptist Church in Gdansk where we invited our new Polish friends to come hang out with us.  Most students said that they would come to the church on Thursday for Texas nights, so we were a little nervous about how many people would actually show up today.  We were ecstatic to actually find several familiar faces when we got to the church!  We started a fun game with the fairly large group of kids that were already there and throughout the first few minutes many more kids came in and we had to continuously add chairs.  The church was basically at maximum capacity.  All of the students greeted us with smiles and hugs, and it was an amazing feeling to know that all of these kids chose to hang out with us just to watch a children’s movie (Frozen) because they were that interested in us.

Today got us incredibly excited for the last two days and to see the turnout at the church for Texas night.  Our work is starting to pay off, and it’s amazing to watch God’s plan unfold and to see him using us for that plan. We completed the first few steps- building relationships and physically getting the kids to the church.  Now it’s time to “let it go” (Frozen reference) and let God work through us to help our new Polish friends build a relationship with Him!


Team Chuck; as told by Jo’Vonta Grimble

Today was such a blast.  I meet so many new people, played games, and taught English. When we finished working at the school we cooked sausage over a fire and sang Christian music.  The pastor said only about 10 people would come but we ended up having about 40 people. We threw the football and played lots and lots of volleyball.  It was so fun.  I had a great time hanging out with my Polish friends. After we finished playing volleyball and cooking sausage on a fire we went upstairs and sang.  Then all the Americans shared their testimonies. This whole trip God has been moving through me in so many ways it’s just incredible.

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