March 11, 2014: Poland – Day 5

Team Kenny; as told by Grayson Richey

What’s up y’all it’s Grayson in Elblag, Poland. Today Tori, Hannah, Sarah, Jenna, Kenny, Pavel and I went to a high school here in Elblag and talked about Texas, the USA, and what it’s like to be here in Poland. We met a lot of people and made many new friends. One girl was telling us how she was so surprised that we were so chill and that so many people believed that Americans were stuck up and think that they are better than everyone else, but she was glad that we were just like them. It was great to get to know them and find out that they had the same interests and like the same shows as us. We invited them to go ice skating with us later that night. After the school we wanted to get some pierogi as that is what all the kids at the school were telling us that we had to try. Pavel took us to a place and all of us got pierogi and we all enjoyed it. We went back to Pavel’s apartment to rest and get ready for skating at 7. On our way to the ice rink we had one of Pavel’s friends leading us and I got to talk to him about our church, how we like the orphans and about politics in the USA. At the ice rink we met up with some of our friends from school and from of the orphans. Not knowing how to skate it was a little embarrassing but I got through it. We went home and met up with Brett and shared stories of other groups and of what we have done. And thus concludes the third magnificent day in Poland.

Team Josh; as told by Lacie Jones

Today was a GREAT day!! I loved every minute of it! To start our day off we went to a college campus hang out area and started playing American football to get people to join along and it sure did work!! We got a group of 2 or 3 guys to play with us and they had a lot of fun and were very, very good at it football. Micah,Brett, and Caleb taught them how to catch and throw the ball and by the end they were catching and throwing touchdown plays. It was a great way to get to know them and also form relationships with them so the missionaries that come later will already have connections on campus. After football was over the two guys we met took our group to their favorite pizza place and insisted on us trying it! I’m sure glad we did try it because the pizza was SO good and SO big (each pizza was 2 feet in diameter). After lunch Me,Alyssa, Kathleen, and Mrs. Richey all went to a youth group and had a cook out, played some volleyball and soccer. Then we went upstairs into their building and shared our testimonies and then just hung out with the kids there and played games. There was a language barrier that was difficult to deal with but our lead missionary translated for us as well as one of the students. A lot of the kids at this event were not Christians, but they were very polite and willing to listen to what we had to say. I am very excited and hopeful  for a boy in this ministry. He isn’t a Christian yet, but Josh said he has come a long way. I’m praying he will make the decision to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. He is already such a wonderful leader with in the group (he is the student that translated). The kids just naturally follow him without a second guess. I’m hoping that if he is saved he will do the same with his faith in the future. Overall today was SUCH a wonderful day and God was definitely there with us!

Please keep us all in your prayers through out the rest of the week as we continue sharing God’s WONDERFUL message (:

Note: While Lacie, Alyssa, Kathleen, and Denise were at the youth group night, Micah and Caleb were asked to join one of the missionaries in her outreach to an Ultimate Frisbee team.

Team Adrian; as told by someone who didn’t write their name on the blog

So today was our second day in the schools and it was incredible!  I got to play rugby and American football with Josh Covey and all of the rugby team from the Gdańsk school we are serving at. I’m sure this will always be an awesome memory!  I also got to go into classrooms today and talk one-on-one with a lot of the students from the school. It’s crazy how different Poland is from America and how the students think is really interesting. They have a lot of negative stereotypes about Americans, like thinking we are all overweight and get divorced, but yet they ALL want to come to America because they don’t like Poland.  I also got to talk a little bit about religion in America with a group of kids, and I’m hoping this will be a gateway to something deeper. We talked about how Poland is predominantly Catholic and about how being an atheist in highschool is fashionable since it is rebellious to them. Although they said this, most of them told me they believe in God but don’t like the Catholic Church. I hope that I will be able to ask them more questions this week and impact their lives. Tomorrow we will be at the local Baptist church and that will be a great opportunity to reach out and teach them about Christ’s love for us.

Team Chuck; as told by Jamie Downs

Today was a blast! We started the day off with driving to Lubawa and prayer walking around the town. Vikki, one of our missionaries in Poland, told us stories about the people in this town and how we can pray for them. We ate lunch at around 12:00 and I must say that Polish food is phenomenal. After lunch we prayer walked some more and then met up with some English speaking kids at “Las Vegas” which was a pizza parlor in the town. I thought it was really cool to make conversation with these kids because I can feel a relationship forming in just a matter of minutes with these kids. About 4 kids showed up and we talked about some of our favorite things and what kind of music we listen to, etc. After we ate pizza with the students we asked them to show us around the town. The historic backgrounds of the buildings and land were really fascinating. After the students were pretty comfortable talking to us we started asking them questions about their relationship with God. It was a cool experience getting to listen to what the students think about their relationship with God. After the students went home we drove back to our hotel and had share time. These kids were so excited when they found out that we have a Facebook. I have gotten so many friend requests and it makes me feel really good. I love Poland so much and part of me really wants to stay. I cannot wait to see what God has planned for me over the next few days and I do not think there would have been a better place to spend my spring break

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