March 9, 2014: Poland – Day 3

Team Chuck; as told by Garrett Alton

Today we started out eating breakfast in the Hampton Inn in Gdansk. After we ate breakfast, we went on a bus and got dropped off at the train station. When we got to the train station we met a strange polish man who knew that we were American and asked for money for a meal. After we rode the  2 1/2 hour train ride we went to eat lunch. Next we got lunch and I was switched to another group. After we traveled to our hotel and we gave our presentations to the missionaries, we went out to eat dinner at an Egyptian restaurant. We met a man named Mike and we invited him to our dinner table.  After Marshall was done eating he went to talk to him. He found out about his life and I hope we see him again. God has been showing me that not everything goes to plan.

Team Adrian; as told by Ana Moorhead

Today, we all got up and walked to the train that took us to church. The buildings are so neat and pretty to walk by. The church was very small, about the size of maybe two youth classrooms put together. The service was awesome because the songs and message were done in both Polish an English so it was an incredible experience and after the service we got to meet all the members of the church. The youth were really nice and we had a lot of information to swap and we even learned how to say some Polish words like “hello” and “thank you”!!  Tomorrow we are going to the school for the first time!  Note: The team also explored the city, went to the sea, and did some shopping today.

Team Kenny; as told by Hannah Gilliland

We woke up around 8 this morning and got ready for church. Around 9 we had breakfast with Pavo (the pastor of the local church here in Elblag), which was delicious! Church started at 10 and is literally down the stairs so it was not a long trip. Church was not that bad considering everything was in Polish. But Joanna was there to translate everything for us! We ate Bigos and drank hot tea which was very good!

We went back up to Pavo’s apartment and played some “Left, Right, Center” with Pavo. He made a deal with us that whoever won 3 times would buy everyone ice cream. He actually ended up winning 3 times! He took us to Old Town ( just the older part of Elbag) and got us ice cream. It was very good!

Around 5 we went to Joanna’s for the youth night. It was a lot of fun meeting them and we even made a few friends! It was kind of hard because they knew little english and we are still having a hard time reading the basic phrases that James and Angela (our hosting missionaries, gave us the night we arrived). Afterward we went to an orphanage to visit and get to know a few of them so that we could invite them to our Texas Night on thursday. We were all very hungry so all of us and some of the kids from the orphanage went to McDonald’s. It is a lot better in Poland! Overall today was a very fun day! I am very excited to see what God has in store for the rest of the week!

Team Josh; as told by Caleb Madole

So day 1 was already crazy! I was switched into a new group, on a spur of the moment decision by our fearless leader, Brett. That group needed another person for the team helping to coach football and I got to be the guy.  I was super excited!! Just touring around the city was fantastic, we got to see so many amazing places and things. I was really excited for the football ministry and the great opportunity it presented; however, I’m pretty sure that the assistant coach told the guys we were missionaries, so we didn’t really get to have a conversation with them about Jesus. Although, that isn’t exactly a topic that just comes up in conversation while you’re coaching football. It was really exciting to get to coach 30 year old men; I guess you never realize how much you know about football until you teach an adult how to pass protect! After the amazing experience that was American football practice in Poland, our group stopped at a kebab joint to get some grub. Apparently, I had not drank near enough water throughout the day, so I had to be escorted back to the hotel by one of our missionaries named Josh (what a nice guy…). Looks like just severe dehydration so far, but I guess we’ll find out for sure in the morning. Still feeling a little weird, but oh well…what are you gonna do? All-in-all a fantastic first day!

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