March 8, 2014: Poland – Day 2

As told by Tori Haas:

Greetings! Today we arrived in a different country (first Germany and then Poland). I was very nervous about the plane ride because I have not ridden in a plane since I was little. The plane ride was 8.5 hours, but did not feel too long because we got to watch movies and visit with our friends. I watched Frozen. We made a friend on the plane named Patrick, he was our flight attendant. Before leaving the plane he gave us a free liter of water in a bottle and over 50 chocolate bar snacks. Once we got into the Frankfurt Airport where we had the wonderful 7 hour layover we fought not to go to sleep so we would not get jet lagged. After a long day of traveling, once we arrived in Poland, the missionaries were there to greet us. We had pizza at the hotel across the street from the airport. After eating the pizza, we departed and arrived at the church we will be staying at. Tomorrow morning we are going to a church in Poland and I’m really excited! They want us to sing for them and introduce ourselves! Please pray that everything goes smoothly tomorrow, we stay safe, and we glorify God in everything we do! Miss and love y’all!

Note: Team Kenny left the hotel and went to the church where they are staying while Team Chuck and Team Josh stayed the night at the Hampton Inn

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