March 7, 2014: Poland – Day 1

Poland_Team_We’re basically spending our first two days travelling so there is not much to update that is exciting at this point, but here is the travel update.  Our journey began at 8:00am at the church.  29 of us loaded up in the vans to head to Austin Bergstrom airport  with some of the best volunteers around (thanks Gretchen Minchey, Shannon Crawford, and Benny Melikian).  We had a brief delay at the ticket counter due to some boarding passes that wouldn’t print, but after jumping that hurdle we were on our way to Houston.

In Houston, we had a few hours of a layover, but that gave us enough time to grab lunch, hangout and talk, and play some trivia.  At 4:30pm we bunkered down on a plane to prepare for a ten hour flight to Frankfurt, Germany.  This leg of the trip is always pretty brutal when you are trying to sleep on a plane.  Some students slept and some didn’t.  There were movies to watch which helped pass the time, though.  We landed at 9am (2am in Texas).  We had explored the possibility of getting a bus to take us to a castle in Germany since our next plane doesn’t leave until 4:30pm.  Our travel agent said that was a bad idea because it takes a long time to get through the Frankfurt airport.  She said that once we got through all of the security we’d only have about two to three hours before our flight left.  Unfortunately she was wrong 🙂

We are currently waiting at a gate for the last flight.  Only six hours left to wait 🙂

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  1. Praying for yall! Hope everything is going well and yall are enjoying Poland. It is such a sweet opportunity to spread the gospel and the love of God in another country. Give thanks to God for this opportunity! Take advantage of it. Make the most of it when you’re in Poland and when you come back.

    Also, Hailey Bishop, Brett Levy, and I would very much enjoy it if a few of yall made a Poland rap 2.0. It’s only a suggestion though…love yall lots!


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