Junior High Mission Trip 2013 – Day 5

Today was our third day of VBS, and it went awesome!  I feel like my age group and most of the other age groups got to share the testimony.  After VBS I got to hear so many different stories from my friends about how sharing their testimonies went.  I realized today how incredibly blessed I am to have the friends that I have and to be in a youth group that loves me.  For rec, we had water day and I think that all the kids loved it.  Whenever I would look at the kids that were just at rec, they all had huge smiles on their faces.  After all the kids got home safely, we changed and got in the vans and left for south Padre Island.  It was fun to spend time with my friends swimming and going on the rides. Today was a fantastic day!  – Jade Richey

Today was a special day for me, all though it was a little hectic due to water day.  Now for my group, Pre-K, it was a little harder as you could imagine having 25 little children running around.  But out of those 25 Pre-K students I’ve been glued to this girl since the first time I met her.  The first day, which was Monday, she was just a shy little girl with two cute pig tails, crying out for her brother.  Of course, if you saw a little scared girl you wouldn’t want to see her cry either, so I picked her up and just took care of her all day.  After that I was like hooked to her, but I felt God calling me to love on her but at the same time he also told me to share the love with others because most of them need it as well.  So I did.   As the week has continued I have come to love many of them.  I call them my little babies.  But, this one girl has been on my mind non-stop.  It’s currently Wednesday and I managed to crack her a bit.  She finally talks to me and tells me stuff about her family and stuff.  Today a little bit before she left, I felt God calling me to say I love her, so I did and gave her a kiss and the response I got back was priceless. She gave me a sweet little kiss on the cheek.  We dropped her off at her house and that’s when I noticed that I was assigned to go canvassing at her house.  That just made my heart swell because I feel like God has given me a great opportunity to give up myself and what I want for a couple of days and just go out and love the creation God has made.    – Isabella Babin

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