Junior High Mission Trip 2013 – Day 4

This morning at VBS, we talked about God’s righteousness.  During craft time, we made goo.  It represented how we can be without Jesus. Goo is kind of all over the place, like we would be if we didn’t have God in our lives.  During the craft I had time to talk to these two girls.  I felt like I connected with them because we talked about we love to travel, and I for one, love to travel.  It was just really cool how we just connected so fast when I have never even met them before.

After VBS, we went to the movies.  I saw Despicable me 2.  It was pretty cool, but not as good as the first one.  But that’s okay – I did have my fair share of Oreos though.

Then, we went to Gabe’s house.  Gabe is the worship leader at Primera.  My friends and I had a full bag of chips and a bowl of salsa.  We ate it all in like five minutes.  It was really good.  Twenty minutes later it was dinner time, which was like the highlight of my day.  I was super hungry.  Gabe had made really good sausage, which I had about five pieces of.  No big deal.  After I was done eating, I went to play whiffle ball.  Five minutes later I got bored and sat back down. Oh well.     – Camryn Crawford


Well to start off the day we had a big breakfast of pancakes and sausage.  Yum.  After that, we went to the church.  When we got there we set up the tables for lunch, made a ton of water balloons, and started registration.  Our first class is Pre-K which are seriously the cutest things ever.  Even though half of them can’t understand one thing I tell them unless I try to throw my Spanglish on them (which never seems to work).  After that we set up the games and stuff for all the other classes.  Today we did the Noodle Fencing that the first and second graders couldn’t get enough of.  After all the classes are over we pick up everything from the day’s activities and eat.  Then we went to the movies to see Despicable Me Dos (that’s my Spanglish) which was really good, and then went to Gabe’s house.  His food was amazzinnggggg.  Then we came to Melody Lane, did share time and small groups and now it’s bed time.   – Bailey Aleman

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