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Junior High Mission Trip 2013 – Day 5

Today was our third day of VBS, and it went awesome!  I feel like my age group and most of the other age groups got to share the testimony.  After VBS I got to hear so many different stories from my friends about how sharing their testimonies went.  I realized today how incredibly blessed I am to have the friends that I have and to be in a youth group that loves me.  For rec, we had water day and I think that all the kids loved it.  Whenever I would look at the kids that were just at rec, they all had huge smiles on their faces.  After all the kids got home safely, we changed and got in the vans and left for south Padre Island.  It was fun to spend time with my friends swimming and going on the rides. Today was a fantastic day!  – Jade Richey

Today was a special day for me, all though it was a little hectic due to water day.  Now for my group, Pre-K, it was a little harder as you could imagine having 25 little children running around.  But out of those 25 Pre-K students I’ve been glued to this girl since the first time I met her.  The first day, which was Monday, she was just a shy little girl with two cute pig tails, crying out for her brother.  Of course, if you saw a little scared girl you wouldn’t want to see her cry either, so I picked her up and just took care of her all day.  After that I was like hooked to her, but I felt God calling me to love on her but at the same time he also told me to share the love with others because most of them need it as well.  So I did.   As the week has continued I have come to love many of them.  I call them my little babies.  But, this one girl has been on my mind non-stop.  It’s currently Wednesday and I managed to crack her a bit.  She finally talks to me and tells me stuff about her family and stuff.  Today a little bit before she left, I felt God calling me to say I love her, so I did and gave her a kiss and the response I got back was priceless. She gave me a sweet little kiss on the cheek.  We dropped her off at her house and that’s when I noticed that I was assigned to go canvassing at her house.  That just made my heart swell because I feel like God has given me a great opportunity to give up myself and what I want for a couple of days and just go out and love the creation God has made.    – Isabella Babin

Junior High Mission Trip 2013 – Day 4

This morning at VBS, we talked about God’s righteousness.  During craft time, we made goo.  It represented how we can be without Jesus. Goo is kind of all over the place, like we would be if we didn’t have God in our lives.  During the craft I had time to talk to these two girls.  I felt like I connected with them because we talked about we love to travel, and I for one, love to travel.  It was just really cool how we just connected so fast when I have never even met them before.

After VBS, we went to the movies.  I saw Despicable me 2.  It was pretty cool, but not as good as the first one.  But that’s okay – I did have my fair share of Oreos though.

Then, we went to Gabe’s house.  Gabe is the worship leader at Primera.  My friends and I had a full bag of chips and a bowl of salsa.  We ate it all in like five minutes.  It was really good.  Twenty minutes later it was dinner time, which was like the highlight of my day.  I was super hungry.  Gabe had made really good sausage, which I had about five pieces of.  No big deal.  After I was done eating, I went to play whiffle ball.  Five minutes later I got bored and sat back down. Oh well.     – Camryn Crawford


Well to start off the day we had a big breakfast of pancakes and sausage.  Yum.  After that, we went to the church.  When we got there we set up the tables for lunch, made a ton of water balloons, and started registration.  Our first class is Pre-K which are seriously the cutest things ever.  Even though half of them can’t understand one thing I tell them unless I try to throw my Spanglish on them (which never seems to work).  After that we set up the games and stuff for all the other classes.  Today we did the Noodle Fencing that the first and second graders couldn’t get enough of.  After all the classes are over we pick up everything from the day’s activities and eat.  Then we went to the movies to see Despicable Me Dos (that’s my Spanglish) which was really good, and then went to Gabe’s house.  His food was amazzinnggggg.  Then we came to Melody Lane, did share time and small groups and now it’s bed time.   – Bailey Aleman

Junior High Mission Trip 2013 – Day 3

Today was the first day of VBS.  We had a very successful day with rec today.  We played soccer with the big kids and did a lot of activities with the little kids like playdough and bubbles.  Then after we were done, we played dodge ball and my team won and our name was Team Win.  Then we went to the Edinburg Roadrunners baseball game and I got to be the bat boy.  I learned today that you can have more fun when you’re praising God then when you’re sitting on the couch playing video games.  – Landon Moore

Today was great!  I hope that all the upcoming days are as good as today!  I am in the 3rd and 4th grade group and I’m excited that I can open up to them and share Christ.  Today a girl asked me if Jesus and God were the same thing.  She said she knew God, and heard about him a lot, but wasn’t sure if she knew Jesus.  I took that as an opportunity to tell her about the Trinity; how it’s not only God here with you but also Jesus and the Holy Spirit surrounding you with unconditional love.  I wanted to let her know that she always had someone there, to never fear for God’s at her side.   – Rylie York

Junior High Mission Trip 2013 – Day 2

Sunday school and the service this morning at Primera was very incredible.  It really showed me that even though we are are almost a state apart, we still worship the same God.  Brett’s sermon this morning was all about choosing to loose so that others could win. Meaning that if we do the things that we don’t want to do for others, then we will be even more satisfied than doing what you wanted to do.  That was what really stood put to me today.  -Tara Drummond

So today at the Party in the Parking Lot ( which was so much fun), I saw one of the kids that I had from last year which was the 5th and 6th graders.  It was so awesome seeing her!  Her name was Alea and what was even MORE awesome was that she told me that she got   baptized because Caroline and I prayed with her  to accept Jesus in her heart last year!!  So talking to her TOTALLY made my day.  Another incredible thing that I realized was how excited the kids were at the Party in the Parking Lot, having fun, eating some sno cones, AND seeing FBCGT totally making new friends and totally loving on these kids! Like #awesome.  – Jenna Drummond

Junior High Mission Trip 2013 – Day 1

We left today to go on a mission trip to Mission Texas to do a VBS at Primera Iglesia. It was a 7 hour drive. I rode with my friends in a shuttle which had very little air conditioning.  We listened to music and chatted which got it off our minds.  On our way there some people on our shuttle decided to take a nap.  The faces that they made while sleeping were so hilarious that we just had to take pictures.  We stopped about fifteen minutes before arriving at Melody Lane to eat some dinner.  I got to talk to some people on the other vans that I never really talk to so it was pretty cool.  When we arrived we unloaded our bags and got some time to settle down and play basketball with some kids who were here also.  At nine we all met in our meeting room and talked about what is going to happen for the next couple of days.  I am so excited to see what God has in store for me while working in the Youth part of VBS.

– Jamie Downs