West, Texas – Summer 2013 – Day 3

Hi moms/dads/friends/family

My name is Baylee. Today is day 3. I was on mowing crew!! So all we did was mow yards and edge. It was very tiring, but Mr. Mike helped me use a weedeater!  It was so cool. We were on our way to the last house and we just thought we were just going to mow and edge, but it turns out we were cleaning out a storage shed/garage. We met a woman there, her name was Linda. The house was her moms.  Her dad passed away 13 years ago. The shed was her dad’s old workshop. We hauled off a lot of lumber and we went back to get our tools and Asher asked to pray for her. She has stage 4 cancer and her mom was injured during the explosion. As we were praying she started to cry and afterwards she gave us all hugs. I have never felt like I had made an impact on some one’s life until now.

Baylee Hill


Hey guys!

This is Alyssa and today was a very emotional day for me. The past two days I haven’t really put 100% into the work we were doing and didn’t see a reason for half the stuff we were doing. This morning God spoke to me and gave me a new perspective and motivation for today’s work. I realized we weren’t serving for ourselves, but for God and for the people of West. We were helping them in ways not even we would ever fully realize and God was helping me understand that. Today I gave my all in working and found myself getting a lot more done than I gave myself credit for. The group of people who came to West are a special group of people who really have a heart for serving. We were getting a lot done and I know it is because we worked as a team and have formed a special bond with each other and a lot of that has to do with our love for God. This week has been a learning week for me and I am so thankful for what God did through us this week.

Alyssa Melikian

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