Senior Trip 2013: New Orleans Day 6

7143_10151735202042526_1987257155_nOur final day was back at the same house and still working in the backyard.  At this point of the week we were trying to clear as much stuff as possible before we had to leave.  We took several trips to the salvage yard and the dump today.  Our grand total of trips ended up being sixteen trailer loads.

The initial reason we got involved was that the city was concerned about mosquito control and at 2:30 on Thursday (initially we thought Tuesday) the inspector was coming.  He arrived right on time and walked through the backyard and gave the thumbs up.  The house passed the mosquito control test!  During the final day we did tear down the shed/tarp and replaced the old tarp with a new one.

1003250_10151735225707526_1342538634_nIt took us about two hours to close out the trip.  We had to wash the trailer out again, drop Mason at the airport, drive to the other side of New Orleans to drop the Camp Restore tools off and then we went back to the house to clean up.  We walked to Fresco’s for some pizza and then came home to the final share time.  After our share time, we cleaned the place we were staying and went to bed . . . we were starting the journey home at 7am!

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