Senior Trip 2013 – New Orleans Day 3

This morning we began our day with a little prayer walking.  We are living about 100 yards from two different universities, Tulane and Loyola.  We are staying in the Baptist Collegiate Ministry building that houses ministry for both campuses.  We prayed for the ministry here and for people along the way.

We arrived at the New Orleans Mission at 10:00am and got to work.  Our team was split into a few different groups.  We worked in the garden pulling weeds and ripe vegetables.  We painted the administration building.  A large group of us worked in the clothes closet.  We were schedule to work until 1pm, but we were finished with all of that right at lunch.  Once again, the students of FBC worked harder and faster than anyone anticipated.  We ate lunch at the mission and then headed back to our house to pick up the trailer.

Our next job was to start working in the backyard of a house who is getting pressure from the city to clear it out.  As we were headed there the rain began.  It rained steady for about an hour and the radar showed a lot more coming.  With lightning in the sky, we decided to postpone that house until tomorrow, but we got to get our eyes on it to see what we need to start early in the morning.  Our contact with Camp Restore is a lady named Kathy and she is phenomenal.  Within minutes she had us redirected to another work project.

We went to AXIS which is an after school ministry for children and teenagers that live downtown.  Several years ago, a young man was murdered in the street.  One of the ladies in the neighborhood felt like she had to start doing something about the violence so she invited the kids in the neighborhood to her house to provide a safe alternative for them to hang out.  That ministry quickly outgrew he house and they started meeting in a church.  This week they were able to move into their own space in a brand new building.  We reshelved books in their library, deep cleaned window sills, doors, floors, and bathrooms.  We did some other minor thing around the building as well.

Since we ate lunch at the mission, we decided to save money and eat our typical sandwich lunch for dinner.  We had nothing planned for the night and since the girls were still winning the Battle of the Sexes (they’ve led 62 of the 64 hours) they chose to go to a movie and then come back for our share time.

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