Senior Trip 2013 – New Orleans Day 2

After a full day of travel we intentionally moved our share time that we would have had on Saturday night to this morning.  We talked about the past year and what is coming up.  One question we asked the seniors is, “What helped you connect to the youth ministry?”  They were in 100% agreement that it was involvement in mission trips.  The ability to serve together and build relationships during the down time is irreplaceable.

After our share time we drove over to FBC New Orleans for worship.  The pastor, David Crosby, is a great communicator and the church is working really hard to make the Sunday morning experience a great one.  It was one of the friendliest churches that I’ve ever seen.  David Crosby was in Houston for the Southern Baptist Convention and the guest speaker was Dr. Allen Jackson who is the youth ministry professor at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.  He is  great communicator as well and we heard a great sermon on Philippians 1:6-11.

The ministries we are working with take Sunday off, so today was our fun day (even though we’ll do some other fun things while we are here, this was a full day of it).  The girls were in control of Battle of the Sexes (as they have been the entire trip), but they were so indecisive about where to eat lunch we almost had to settle for chips and candy bars where we were headed.  We ended up at Wendy’s for lunch and then we were off to Cajun Encounters for a swamp tour.

On the Swamp Tour we saw several different animals, but the highlight was the alligators.  It was a relaxing trip and pretty informative as well.  During one part of the trip we travel through a pretty dense area of trees and the guide told us what to do if a snake fell out of a branch and into the boat.  I’ve heard that speech on other swamp tours, but I’ve never had a boat captain toss a rubber snake into the girls laps and yell, “Snake on the boat” afterwards!  That was funny!  On the way out of the swamp, Cole Elliott even got to drive the boat.

We headed to the French Quarter and the girls shopped while the guys worked on claiming a lead in the Battle of the Sexes.  To their credit they finally took over the lead with some photos from the “Instagram Challenge.”  We ate at Cafe Masperos and then had beignets at Cafe Dumonde.  Shortly after that the guys lost control of the Battle of the Sexes again.  So far they have had the lead for 2 of the 38 hours on the trip.

We concluded the night with our share time.

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