Senior Trip 2013 – New Orleans Day 1

Our day started at 6:45am as we loaded the van and headed east towards Louisiana.  Most of the day was spent driving so it was somewhat uneventful.  The highlights came from the Battle of the Sexes which is a Senior Trip tradition.  The guys and girls compete in a variety of games to gain points.  The gender with the most points at any given time gets to make all of the decisions.

The girls took a commanding lead while most of the guy slept.  When it came time for lunch they chose to decide via Urban Spoon and we ended up at Checker’s.  Outside of Baton Rouge we stopped to stretch our legs at another senior trip traditional stop that has a live tiger for everyone to take pictures with.

We got to New Orleans around 5pm and moved into the Baptist Collegiate Ministry building.  After dropping our bags we went on our shopping trip and then to the airport to pick up Jenna.  The girls won the Battle of the Sexes again and got choose dinner, too.  We had a late dinner at Randazzo’s (thanks to Urban Spoon).

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