Reunion 2013 – Atlanta: Day 6

Our final day was back in Woodstock serving with Sojourn Community Church.  We started the day prayer walking downtown for about 30 minutes and then we split up into two teams to tackle the jobs.

One team was at the Elm Street Art Center.  Sojourn, like many church plants, is trying to connect themselves to the city in order to bless the city.  They had two areas of props and supplies that was in total chaos.  We reorganized the area completely.

Elm Street meets in the old FBC Woodstock building.  We went to Home Depot and bought supplies so that we could build a deck over the baptistery so that the actors would have a floor to walk on.

The second team went to a lady named Judith’s house.  She is a single mom who is battling a leg injury.  Her circumstances has caused her to fall behind on the upkeep of her house and the city has a lawsuit in motion to fine her.  Our team pulled the weeds in front of her house and we were planning on painting it, but the team before us had not prepped it in time.  We were able to purchase the paint and supplies for the house so that we could relieve some of the financial pressure from Sojourn.

After finishing Judith’s house, the moved to Stephanie’s house.  Stephanie and her family have moved into a new house and are financially struggling.  We put three coats of paint on the walls in her son’s room.

One of the highlights for this team was to hang out with Matt.  Matt’s a nineteen year old member of Sojourn who is planning on being a pastor.  He was assigned to this team for the day and it was a lot of fun to meet someone else that is the same age as the team who is loving and serving Jesus, too.

At the end of the day we left Woodstock and headed to the Atlanta Braves game.  Our goal was to eat at a fast food restaurant on the way to the game, but we are staying so close to Turner Field that we didn’t pass one place before we parked.  That meant we were eating at the ballpark.  The Braves played the Minnesota Twins and it was the first time that the Twins had ever played a regular season game in Atlanta (and they have been around for several decades).  We were part of history!  After cheering the Braves on to a win, we headed home, packed, and are going to sleep so we can be out of here at 6:45am to head to the airport.

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