Reunion 2013 – Atlanta: Day 4

Our work projects were supposed to start at 9am, but our contact didn’t arrive until after 10am.  Our sitting around waiting turned into both a precursor of the rest of the day and a great time of conversation.  Yesterday while we were working in the alley, we met some of the neighbors.  They happened to be a homosexual couple and antagonistic towards the church.  We had a great conversation about homosexuality and the state of the church.

This was our second day scheduled at Woodland Hills, but they didn’t have much for us to do.  Once we got started the guys took the chainsaw after several trees and it was enough to keep them busy most of the day.  The girls on the other hand, finished their task within an hour.  No one could come up with anything for us to do and we looked around trying to find something that we thought would be helpful, but kept drawing a blank.  We had a phone number for Christine who is the Community Minister at the church.  We gave her a call and she pointed us to a clothes closet that needed clothes sorted and put into a spreadsheet for tracking.  That ended up being a perfect job for the afternoon.  Both the outside team and the inside team finished at the same time.

Since the day was slower than normal and we knew we’d finish early if we worked at our normal pace, we decided to take lunch off-site.  Normally we eat sandwiches, but today we went to The Dwarf House.  The Dwarf House is the very first Chick-fil-a.  It was a pretty cool experience.  There are two dining rooms.  One is similar to any Chick-fil-a, but the other is a dining area where you sit and are waited on.  In that dining room you can order off the original menu.  Some of our team had the chicken sandwich, since this is where is supposed to have been invented.  Others had chicken and waffles, the famous “hot brown,” and we even ordered a hamburger!  After lunch we did a “kitchen tour” to see behind the scenes.

Another highlight of our day was being able to minister to Germane.  Last night, after the movie, Brett drove Germane home because it was raining.  We discovered that he lived a mile from the church and walks each day back and forth.  It just so happened that on one of the trips to Wal-mart for supplies, we drove past a yard sale.  There were two bikes in for sale and we ended up buying a pretty nice bike and giving it to Germane.

After our work day, we drove out to Stone Mountain Park where we had dinner on the terrace that overlooks Stone Mountain.  Some of our group took the SkyTram to the top of the mountain.  The dinner ended with a laser light and firework show.

It’s 11:15pm as I’m typing this and we are eagerly awaiting our midnight trip back to The Dwarf House/Chick-fil-a.  They are open until 4am.  This means we are going to do what few have done before.  We are going to eat at Chick-fil-a on Sunday!

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