Reunion 2013 – Atlanta: Day 3

Today was the first day we served with Rusty Couch and Woodland Hills Baptist Church (where we are staying).  We woke up this morning and our first assignment was a Home Depot run to take back lights that the church had purchased, pick up a chainsaw chain, and get work gloves.  After the supply run we started working in the back alley.  The end of the driveway into the church is an open lot that the church is planning on turning into a basketball court.  They will lay down asphalt, install basketball goals (which they have loaned out to a local Upward program right now), and put in bleachers.  They’ll use the court as a local outreach.  We were part of the very beginning of that process.  Along the outer edges of this area is a lot of vegetation and a chain link fence that was in disrepair.  We worked solid for 6+ hours just clearing out vegetation and the fence.  The vegetation itself at actually grown in and around the fence in places.

The highlight of the day for the guy was when the front loader showed up.  Learning how to drive it was like an early Christmas for them.  They actually had to tie rope to the fence and pull the final piece out with the front loader.  A lot of work was done, but there isn’t much to describe because it was all in one place.

After working, we cleaned up and went to dinner at The Varsity which is an Atlanta icon.  We were able to take Germone and Javante to dinner with us.  Javante is currently an intern at Woodland Hills and Germone will be a summer intern (he’s currently a freshman in college).  After a dinner of chili dogs and onion rings, we dropped Javante off and the rest of headed out to a late movie.  Since college students live at the movies, there wasn’t a movie out that the entire group had not seen so we split up into three groups and saw Star Trek, Iron Man 3, and 42.

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