Reunion 2013 – Atlanta: Day 2

This morning we headed out to work with a church planter named Matt Dye.  Matt and his family moved from Kentucky nearly a year ago to plant here in Atlanta.  Matt is actually one of the church planters that FBC already supports financially.

Matt is in the final months of an apprenticeship where he has been connected to another Atlanta-area church planter to learn from while he is building relationships and learning the culture of his new home.  The life of a church planter is difficult.  Outside of having to raise support, many are also bi-vocational.  Matt recently invested in a Kona Ice truck to help support his family while following this call of God on his life.  One of the first things we did this morning was drive around Matt’s area and hear his story.

Our job today was to help Matt continue to minister to his community and build we relationships.  We did that by joining the staff of E. Rivers Elementary School to serve them.  E. Rivers (not East Rivers) is a school that was built in the 1950s, but it is in a state of transition.  The Atlanta Public School system recently finished out a brand new high school.  A local middle school moved into the old high school and E. Rivers is going to move into the vacated middle school while their school is torn down and rebuilt.  Two years from now E. Rivers will move back into a brand new facility.  School gets out on Wednesday and the teachers have to have everything moved out by the following day!

After signing in at the school we split up into four different groups.  We helped the P.E. teachers, the music teacher, the Challenge teacher (still not sure what that is), and the library.  Our day consisted of making boxes and filling boxes.  It wasn’t very exciting from a blog reader’s perspective, but the staff was overjoyed and continually thanking us for serving today.

After we finished we headed to Roswell, Georgia.  It took about an hour and fifteen minutes to go twenty miles . . . love that Atlanta traffic at rush hour J  We played the Urban Spoon game to decide where to eat.  In the Urban Spoon game, you use the Urban Spoon app and let it randomly select a restaurant to eat at.  Each person in the van gets one “veto.”  If a restaurant gets vetoed, then you pick another random restaurant.  You do this until everyone you have a winner.  We landed on the Fickle Pickle.  On the way to the Fickle Pickle we were amazed at how terrible traffic was in a suburb.  It seemed like someone had outlawed green lights.  We finally arrived on the street that the Fickle Pickle was on only to discover that Roswell has a “third Thursday” event for the entire city.  No parking anywhere!  So we went to Chick-fil-a (anti-climatic, I know).

We ended the night at Whirlyball.  Whirlyball is a mixture of bumper cars, jai alai, and basketball.  It is a lot of fun.  We played guys vs girls until the girls were thoroughly embarrassed and then we switched up teams.

We concluded the night hanging out at the church talking about church planting, jobs, church, and life in general.  Everyone is tired and sore already which says we’ve had a great day!

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  1. Whirlyball is awesome!

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